Salisbury, CT. Ski Jumping
Words and Pictures from Satre Hill

This album was assembled in the hope that the scenes below would excite folks to return in February for the SWSA 75th Anniversary. There was exciting ski jumping and many oportunities to reminisce with jumpers from days gone past.
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Satre Hill
THE CLASSIC -- many changes have been made to the Satre Hill ski jump through the years, but much remains the same.

Roy Sherwood flying
Salisbury's own Roy Sherwood, the most successful of SWSA's many native ski jumpers, promises to return from Florida to join in the anniversary festivities.
Climbing back up
The skis are state of the art, the suits are bright and modern, but the act of walking up the jump has not changed in 75 years!

At the top and ready to go
Also unchanged is the mixture of feelings of the skier ready to zip down the track and launch into flight.
Coming down the track
A jumper in the February 2000 competition picks up speed as he approaches the takeoff.

Taylor Hoffman flying
Taylor Hoffman of Lake Placid relishes long jumps, he set a new hill record last winter of 70.5 meters (231 feet).

You will find many familiar faces and familiar sights at the hill and at the other festivities.
George Kiefer
Who doesn't remember stalwart SWSA volunteer George Kiefer?

2000 winners
Ex-president Sicily Hajek and Competition Director Nick Collin congratulate 2000 winners Ryan Cutter and Taylor Hoffman.

Mat Kiefer
It runs in the family, Mat Kiefer has shouldered much of the load as President of SWSA.

The Chili Ladies
How many years have these sweet ladies served chili for the road to jumpers on Sunday afternoon?
In the Cook-shack
Yes, the funky cook-shack still stands, where you marvelled to watch your friend down a cheezeburger and a kraut-dog, and then climb the hill to take his first competition jump.
Rescue Squad
The ambulance isn't red any more, but the staff is still first-rate. And we all hope that they have nothing to do all weekend!

So, everybody was invited back!

Come young...
Peter Roland
and old...
Don West
Uncle Larry
Larry Stone
wants you...
to join us in the 75th Anniversary celebration in February!

But if you missed it, plan to come back next year, we'll be there to greet you.

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