Lake Placid New Years 90 Meter Ski Jump
Sunday Evening, Dec 29, 2013
The annual New Years and Masters competitions have suffered with a diminishing number of jumpers in the U.S. and conflict with important events in Steamboat Springs and Park City. The 2013-14 event in Lake Placid involved competitive jumping on the K-90 hill and exhibition jumping by younger skiers on the K-48 and the fine new K-20. It was a night event, jumping under the lights, and a steady rain didn't dampen the spirits of the jumpers on three hills or of the assembled crowd of spectators.
Larry Stone wrote
"We did have a meet on the 29th under the lights which despite that it was a Soaring Saturday format (not a sanctioned meet) had a good field of about 10 skiers with Andrew Bliss winning a great 3 rounder in the pouring rain and our little guys jumping the 20 and 48 between rounds to a crowd of about 2300 screaming people due to Dave McCahill's great announcing. Big fireworks exhibit: A great night!"

The event was contested using the “Soaring Saturday” format. Under this format each jumper jumps twice in bib order with distance only being recorded. Five meters are deducted for lack of a telemark landing and/or for a touch. A fall results in a zero. Each jumper’s best score out of the two jumps is used to rank all jumpers with the top one half moving on to a third round, where they jump in reverse order of their scores. Each jumper’s third round distance is then added to his/her best distance from the first two rounds for the final results. Jumpers pick their own gates.

Final Results  

 1. Andrew Bliss          91m-90m

 2. Taylor Hoffman        92m-85m

 2. Alex Madden           91m-86m

 4. Spencer Knickerbocker 90m-85m

 5. Colin Delaney         87m-81m

 6. Zach Daniels          82m-71m

 7. Luke Daniels          82m-64m

 8. Karl Schulz           73m-68.5m

 9. Matt Doyle            71m-68m

10. Landon Livreri        68m-68m

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