Lyubym and Vladimir in Nagano
but where is Eddie, the Eagle?

Our two friends, Lyubim Kogan and Vladimir Glyvka are in Nagano, representing their homeland of Ukraine in the ski Jumping events. "Luby" and Vladimir lived and trained for several years in Lake Placid, where they became part of the Eastern jumping community.

You can follow their performance, and that of US Team jumpers Casey Colby, Randy Weber, Brendan Doran, Alan Alborn and Mike Keuler at several web sites on the web, including the official Nagano home page (no longer! Ed.)

Luby and Vladimir are two of four ski jumpers on the Ukraine Olympic team, and they join their friend Kahber Tsekadza, the lone ski jumper on the team representing the former Soviet nation of Georgia. Kahber, son of '60s Soviet star Koba Tsekadza, has jumped several times in Lake Placid.

Obviously Luby and Vladimir managed to qualify for the Olympic Games under the infamous Eddie, the Eagle rule, which bars jumpers of lesser accomplishments from competing in Olympic ski jumping. But what about Eddie himself. Mike (Eddie the Eagle) Edwards spent the last two years training in Lake Placid (with some time in Finland) with the goal of making it back to the Olympics in Nagano. His name does not appear in the list of Olympic jumpers so apparently his efforts fell short of the goal.

Note -- the Ukrainian and Georgian names used here are transliterations of spellings from the native alphabets. They may not agree with the spellings you find in other sources.

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