Can you name these ski jumpers?  

L. Placid kids, years ago

Thanks to Corky Colby for naming all the jumpers in this old photo of Lake Placid juniors
(from left to right):


Front row

  1. John Viscome
  2. Mike Sweeny
    (on one knee)
  3. Denny Jesmer
    (on two knees)
  4. Joey Jesmer
    (arm hanging down)
  5. Donny Colby
    (bare hands)
  6. Tom Colby
  7. Bud Colby
    (coach smoking)

Middle row

  1. Erik Hess
    (above coach)
  2. Jimmy Morgan
  3. Chuck Berghorn
    (spotted turtle-neck)
  4. Corky Colby
    (looking over shoulders)
  5. Gary Grady
    (hat pointing up)
  6. Rollie Torrance
    (peeking through)
  7. Jay Rand
    (head turned)
  8. Terry Dennin
    (dark collar)
  9. Wes Stanton
    (hat top flopped over)
  10. Sandra (Vitvitski?)
    (gray hat)

Back row

  1. Faker LaFountain
    (big guy)
  2. Phil Berghorn
    (tall guy)
  3. Ricky Patnode
    (looking over shoulder)
  4. Bob Birk
    (white T-shirt)
  5. Jim Speck
    (hat with stripe)
  6. John Fagan
    (hat without stripe)
  7. Chris Beattie
  8. Bobby Peacock
    (standing behind)
  9. Mark Hess
    (hat with one stripe)
(The man in the background
is Mike Sweeney's father Bob.)