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Ski Jumping &
Nordic Combined,
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Historical notes below are taken from a 2005 article by Michelle Brutlag Hosick which appeared on the NCAA web site.

"Since the first intercollegiate ski competition between Dartmouth College and McGill University in 1913, the sport of skiing at the collegiate level has been evolving like any other sport. From the time of the first NCAA championship in 1954, the essence of the sport has remained the same, even if the look of it has changed."

Elimination of ski jump
"In 1980, the last ski-jump competition was held at an NCAA championship. LaCasse, one of the members of the committee who voted to eliminate the event, said that as a former ski jumper and jumping coach, the vote was difficult for him, but he knew how necessary it was for the future of the sport.

"Ski jumping had long been one of the most popular events in collegiate skiing, drawing thousands of people to winter carnivals in the northeastern states, but interest among athletes had tapered off."

NCAA Champions
Ski Jumping

  year  Jump Champion     College         Host/location

  1954  Willis Olson      Denver          Nevada

  1955  Willis Olson      Denver          Norwich

  1956  Willis Olson      Denver          Winter Park

  1957  Alf Vincelette    Denver          Ogden Snow Basin

  1958  Oddvar Ronnestad  Denver          Dartmouth

  1959  Dave Butts        Colorado        Winter Park

  1960  Dag Helgestad     Washington St.  Bridger Bowl

  1961  Cris Selbeck      Denver          Middlebury

  1962  Oyvind Floystad   Denver          Squaw Valley

  1963  Tom Nord          Washington      Solitude

  1964  Frithjof Prydz    Utah  

   tie  Erik Jansen       Denver          Franconia Notch

  1965  Erik Jansen       Denver          Crystal Mountain

  1966  Frithjof Prydz    Utah            Crested Butte

  1967  Bjorn Loken       Utah            Sugarloaf Mountain

  1968  Peter Robes       Wyoming         Mt. Werner

  1969  Odd Hammernes     Denver          Mt. Werner

  1970  Jay Rand          Colorado        Cannon Mountain

  1971  Vidar Nilsgard    Colorado        Terry Peak

  1972  Odd Hammernes     Denver          Winter Park

  1973  Vidar Nilsgard    Colorado        Middlebury

  1974  Didrik Ellefsen   Colorado        Jackson Hole

  1975  Didrik Ellefsen   Colorado        Fort Lewis

  1976  Kip Sundgaard     Utah            Bates

  1977  Ron Steele        Utah            Winter Park

  1978  Tom Holman Jensen Colorado

   tie  Kare Herje        Vermont         Cannon Mountain

  1979  Roger Holden      Vermont         Steamboat Springs

  1980  Jorn Stromberg    Wyoming         Lake Placid & Stowe

The Phoenix Arises
In 2009 Dan Warner began talking up the idea of organizing a new National Collegiate Ski Jumping Championship, independent of the still active NCAA Nationals, and in 2011, with the cooperation of the US Collegiate Ski Association, the first such Championship was held in Park City. The program offered mens and womens classes and required skiers to qualify for the Nationals in one of three regional qualifying events.


USCSA Champions
Ski Jumping
2011 ...

  year    Host/location    Jump Champions      College     


  2011    Park City, UT    Willy Graves      Westminster

                           Alissa Johnson    Westminster

  2012    Brattleboro VT   Andrew Bliss      St. Lawrence

                           Karin Friberg     U. Minnesota

  2013    No championship event scheduled   (from J Bliss)

  2014    Lebanon NH       Torin LaLiberte   St. Michaels

                           Katie Stone      Univ of Vermont   


NCAA Champions
Nordic Combined

  year   NC Champion      College         Host/location

  1955  Erik Berggren     Idaho           Norwich

  1956  Erik Berggren     Idaho           Winter Park

  1957  Harol Riiber      Denver          Ogden Snow Basin

  1958  Clarence Servold  Denver          Dartmouth

  1959  Ted Farwell       Denver          Winter Park

  1960  John Dendahl      Colorado        Bridger Bowl

  1961  John Bower        Middlebury      Middlebury

  1962  Tor Fageraas      Montana St.     Squaw Valley

  1963  Aarne Valkama     Denver          Solitude

  1964  Erik Jansen       Denver          Franconia Notch

  1965  Matz Jenssen      Utah            Crystal Mountain

  1966  Frithjof Prydz    Utah            Crested Butte

  1967  Matz Jenssen      Utah            Sugarloaf Mountain

  1968  Jim Miller        Fort Lewis      Mt. Werner

  1969  Greg Krog         Denver          Mt. Werner

  1970  Jim Miller        Fort Lewis      Cannon Mountain

  1971  Bruce Cunningham  New Hampshire   Terry Peak

  1972  Bruce Cunningham  New Hampshire   Winter Park

  1973  Pertti Reijula    Northern Mich.  Middlebury

  1974  Stig Hallingbye   Wyoming         Jackson Hole

  1975  Stig Hallingbye   Wyoming         Fort Lewis

  1976  Jack Turner       Colorado        Bates


The title of Ski-Meister was bestowed upon the competitor at the NCAA Ski Championships who participated in all four competition events: Downhill, Slalom, Cross Country and Jumping, and scored the most total points in the four events. The award was dropped as more and more competitors were specialists, leaving almost no four-event skiers.

at NCAA Championships

  year    Champion        College         Host/location

  1954  Marvin Crawford   Denver          Nevada

  1955  Les Streeter      Middlebury      Norwich

  1956  John Cress        Denver          Winter Park

  1957  Ralph Miller      Dartmouth       Ogden Snow Basin

  1958  Dave Harwood      Dartmouth       Dartmouth

  1959  Dave Butts        Colorado        Winter Park

  1960  John Dendahl      Colorado        Bridger Bowl

  1961  Art Bookstrom     Dartmouth       Middlebury

  1962  James Page        Dartmouth       Squaw Valley

  1963  James Page        Dartmouth       Solitude

  1964  Jennings Cress    Western St.     Franconia Notch

  1965  Loris Werner      Western St.     Crystal Mountain

  1966  Loris Werner      Western St.     Crested Butte

  1967  Matz Jenssen      Utah            Sugarloaf Mountain

  1968  Eric Piene        Wyoming         Mt. Werner

  1969  Ed Damon          Dartmouth       Mt. Werner

  1970  John Kendall      New Hampshire   Cannon Mountain

  1971  John Kendall      New Hampshire   Terry Peak

  1972  Kim Kendall       New Hampshire   Winter Park

  1973  Kim Kendall       New Hampshire   Middlebury

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