Eastern Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined Foundation, Inc.
Annual Fall Meeting
Minutes and notes of the meeting held on Saturday, October 8, 2011
in the base lodge at the Olympic Ski Jumps, Lake Placid NY.

Members, Representatives & Guests Present:
Dan Warner (Chairman, TD, Judge)
Ken Barker (Vice Chairman, Swsa President)
Don West (Secretary, old worn out jumper)
Art Tokle, Jr. (Judge, TD)
Jennie Frenette (Jumper Parent, JO Co-leader)
Martina Lussi (Teasurer, Jumper Parent, Lake Placid)
Evan Bliss (NYSEF Coach)
Kathleen Doyle (Jumper Parent, NH)
Jay Daniels (Dad of two Jumpers, NH)
Terry Daniels (Mom of two Jumpers, NH)
Margaret Maher (NYSEF XC Coach)
Chris Hastings (Olympian, Coach)
Martin Fairall (Jumper Parent, Andover NH)
Jon Farnham (LOC & VA, Everything)
Jody Graves (Harris Hill, Jumper Parent)
Peter Claus (Judges Association)
Lisa Kling (Gunstock Nordic Assoc.)
Paul Kling (Gunstock Nordic Assoc.)
Late arrivals:
Rex Bell (Harris Hill committee, USA-SJ)
Casey Colby (NYSEF Coach, Olympian)

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM by Chairman Dan Warner who welcomed the assembled members and guests.

Moved (Barker, Claus) to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held on Saturday, April 23, 2011. Passed.

Financial Report: Martina Lussi presented a brief oral report, mentioning the total in the Eastern account and the only two recent expenditures. (Details available on request.)
Moved (Claus, Barker) to accept the financial report. Passed.

Chairman Dan Warner reviewed, week by week, the competition schedule for winter 2011 and a few changes were noted.
The schedule posted at SkiJumpEast.com will be updated from time to time in an attempt to keep it current.

Jennie Frenette and Martina Lussi are continuing as co-leaders of the Eastern Team at the Junior Nationals. They asked for names of possible candidates and reminded everybody that letters of intent are required from jumpers wishing to be considered for the Jr-National team.

Dan Warner stated that he will be working with NENSA organizing the Bill Koch League festival at Andover NH. The plans for the Festival include a team competition with 3-person teams skiing on the 10, 18 and 30 meter hill. This is an addition to the usual special jump and Nordic combined events. Warner requested some funds to help carry out the event.

Moved (Barker, Farnham) to provide $500 to be used for the BKL Festival. Passed.


Ken Barker reported that SWSA will be holding a winter carnival event at the Satre Hill complex on Jan. 28 & 29 which will include gelande jumping.

Jon Farnham reported that jumping continues on Wednesday nights, keeping the string alive of jumping in every month since the plastic was installed on the 20 meter jump at Storrs Hill. He also said that he continues to try to arrange to put plastic on the LOC 50 meter hill, but that progress is very slow.

Jay Daniels reported that Andover is working on preparations for the BKL Festival.

Chris Hastings, speaking for the Ford Sayre club in Hanover, described a very effective recruitment effort designed and carried out by Mike Holland who visited school physical education classes in the Hanover area.

Jody Graves reported that Brattleboro is attempting to get a junior jumping program going again on the small hill in Memorial Park.

Lisa Kling reported that GNA is working with the Gunstock Ski Area to get the ten meter hill repaired and open for the coming season. She hopes to have weekly junior jumping and a small competition. Bernie Dion Jr. has been mentioned as a possible GNA coach and he is encouraged to come to the coaches workshop to be run during the New Hampshire High School training camp to be held in Decenber in Lake Placid.

Evan Bliss reports that an ongoing overhaul of the freestyle jumps in Lake Placid has buried the old 18 meter ski jump. Two new jumps, 10 and 20 meter, are planned to be built between the 48 and 120 meter hills. The plans are complete, the lines have been layed out, and construction should begin soon.
David McCahill, who has been so effective recruiting and coaching the young skiers in Lake Placid, has left for Austria where he is teaching English. Last spring, David was named Jump/NC domestic coach of the year by USSA. Bliss said that he has arranged with Larry Stone to take over some of Davids tasks.

Peter Claus reported that the effort continues to revive jumping at Bear Mt. NY. He mentioned a 'black tie' affair coming soon where he and Mark Levasseur will promote the revival.


An urgent message was relayed from Janet Bliss that we need a permanent mailing address in Vermont for ESJ&NC. The response was that Kate McGinn had agreed to have us use her address in Brattleboro. This was relayed after the meeting to Bliss.

Jay Daniels asked whether the Eastern team would have a cross country coach at the Junior Nationals in Park City. The Jumping and Nordic combined event finished just before the start of the Junior National cross country champioships in Park City and Margaret Maher will be there for the cross country racing. It was agreed informally that Margaret could arrive 2-3 days early to work with the Eastern Nordic combined racers.

Dan Warner suggested that we establish a small working group for fundraising. The group would discuss possible fundraising initiatives and then work to put some of these into operation. The idea is to get more of our people involve in this effort and to lighten the load on Martina and Jenny.
It was pointed out that we need more volunteers so that the work of these silent auctions and the selling of bells, etc., during competitions can be spread around, rather than piling all these tasks on the same few people, over and over. Don West agreed to work to revive the annual appeal letters. Jody Graves and Kathleen Doyle volunteered to work in such a financial woking group.

Chairman Dan Warner pointed out that we will be needing a new Secretary and someone to take over as our webmaster. No suggetions were offered.

The next meeting (Spring 2012) is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2012 at Storrs Hill in Lebanon, NH.

Before adjourning the meeting, Dan Warner presented a special award to Don West for long service to Eastern ski jumping -- 40 years on this committee, 20 or more as secretary, and 14 years as webmaster.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Don West (Secretary).

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