Award Winner Tim Norris
McCrillis Award to 
Tim Norris
of Proctor Academy


The 17th annual John W. McCrillis Award went to Tim Norris, long time coach at Proctor Academy and founder of the Andover Outing Club. The Award was presented at the annual award banquet held at Mt. Sunapee Ski Area. More than one hundred people were in attendance Saturday evening, March 19, 2011 to honor Tim, including many members of the McCrillis family and several previous recipients of the Award. All dinner guests received printed programs, where they read:

"Tim Norris established the Andover Outing Club over thirty years ago so that local kids could learn Nordic Skiing and Ski Jumping. His efforts have created one of the most successful programs in New Hampshire. To date, six athletes from the Andover Outing Club have competed in world class events including the Olympics. No coach has done more to promote combined Nordic events in the state of New Hampshire than Tim Norris."

The six world class athletes include Nordic Combined Olympians Jed Hinkley and Carl VanLoan, cross country Olympian Kris Freeman, and present members of the USA Ski Jumping team, Chris Lamb and Nick Fairall, who have both gone ski flying!

The program also gave a brief history of the award:

MC Bill McCrillis "In 1995, the grandchildren of John W McCrillis partnered with the Mt. Sunapee Area Ski Club to recognize and show appreciation to those in our area who have dedicated their time and effort to support the sport of skiing. As each year's recipient is recognized, we are reminded of the dedication and commitment that Mr. McCrilllis had to this great sport. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to honor these individuals who carry on with the same spirit."

Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Bill McCrillis (right), one of the grandchildren, who recognized the previous award winners in attendance and introduced a small list of speakers.

Wendy and Skip Nolin spoke for the Mt. Sunapee Area Ski Club and General Manager Jay Gamble represented Mount Sunapee Resort. The next two speakers had particular connections to Tim Norris, and then Bill McCrillis invited anyone else to share memories or reflections on Tim and his decades of good works. Governor's Resolution
The ad hoc speakers lined up and guests heard praise, humor, thanks, reflections, and even a sonnet.

Councilman Ray Burton presented an official resolution signed by the Governor of New Hampshire, recognizing Tim and his good works. At right, Burton holds the signed resolution while David McCrillis holds the plaque which hangs in the lodge at Sunapee Ski Area displaying the names of all Award recipients.

Letters were read from Carl VanLoan and Jed Hinkley, as well as from the first recipient of the McCrillis Award, Roland Tremblay, and others. When the time came to present the McCrillis Award, Bill McCrillis handed the microphone to brother David (below) who called up, to do the honors, two members of the generation between the grandchildren who initiated the award and their honored grandfather, John W. McCrillis.

The presentation
Sally McCrillis Eldredge and her brother John C. McCrillis (above) present Tim Norris with the 2011 John W. McCrillis Award, a pewter bowl provided by jeweler and US Ski Team alumnus David Lantz and his father, McCrillis Award recipient Jim Lantz.

The MC made sure to prepare the ground for the next presentation by recalling the "Candy bar meets" organized by Norris when things got a little slow in the Eastern junior competition schedule. He also described Tim's practice of writing bits of skiing advice on paper plates to be given to individual junior jumpers. The present generation of Andover Outing Club junior jumpers was represented by Matthew Doyle, just back from the Junior Olympics, Warren Bartlett, medalist in the Lebanon Mud Meet earlier in the day, and Cooper McCrillis, son of presenter David, and great-grandson of John W.

Three of today's junior skiers
R-L: Matthew Doyle, Warren Bartlett, Cooper McCrillis and Tim Norris

Cooper and Warren each presented Tim with carefully a gift-wrapped chocolate bar, while Matt Doyle bootlegged a paper plate, inscribed with the words "World Greatest Coach".


Tim 'at home' at the Blackwater Ski Jumps

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