USA Masters Ski Jumping National Championships
January 25-26, 1997
Madison, WI

After the disappointing turnout for the 1995 Nationals in Lebanon NH, the Masters Committee agreed that until things change, the event should be contested in the Central Division (1996 was an exception, of course).

Accordingly the 1997 National Masters Age Group Ski Jumping Championships were hosted for the first time by the Blackhawk Ski Club at their Tomahawk Ridge ski compex west of Madison, WI.

For this year's Championships, the rules were changed, expanding the program to permit skiers to compete on two different hills -- an idea borrowed from the IMC. The Blackhawk Ski Club offered competition on K-30 and K-56 meter jumps, but the Golden Oldies, skiers over 70 years old, jumped a K-10 meter hill.

Thirty Old Boys from three USSA divisions participated, with 15 competing on the small hills and 25 skiing the big hill (so 10 jumped on two hills).

Here are the official results of the 1997 Masters Championships.


K-30 & K-10 m. Results at the 1997 National Masters Championships

1997 30-meter Results


K-56 meter Results at the 1997 National Masters Championships

1997 56-meter Results

Competitors in the 1997 Masters Nationals, Madison WI

1997 Competitors
(L to R) Kneeling: Mike Sobzak, Cloquet; Jack Gasienica, Norge; Sig Malvik, Iola; Bob Immens, Norge; Scott Immens, Norge; Dave Edlund, St. Paul; Scott Smith, Norge Dan Schirk, Norge.  
Standing: Tom Ricchio, Iola; Terry Holmgren, Ishpeming; Ken Sobzak, Cloquet; Rick Anderson, Coleraine; Steve Sydow, Duluth; Tim Denisson, Cheyenne, Wyo; Stig Hallingbye, Laramie, Wyo; Earle Murphy, Lake Placid; Corky Denisson, St. Paul; Jim Maki, Coleraine; ?Scott Prislinger, Norge; (hidden) Bob Keck, Oconomowoc; John Glasder, Norge; (hidden) Jeff Hammel, Minneapolis; Steve Erkkila, Ishpeming; Don West, Lake Placid; Doug Maki, Coleraine;  
Missing: Mark Miles, Ishpeming; Bob Hein, Philadelphia; Luke Soler, St. Paul; Mike Gaboury, St. Paul; Reed Zuehlke, Eau Claire; Gary Silbaugh, Madison;

(The 1998 Championships were lost due to bad weather and no event was scheduled for 1999.)

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