USA Masters Ski Jumping National Championships
Febuary 23-25, 1996
Steamboat Springs, CO

With the Old Boys of the Ski Jumping world due to assemble in Steamboat Springs, CO in February of 1996 for the International Masters Championships (IMC), Peter Langlois had the bright idea of constesting the 1996 U.S. Age Group Championships at the same time in Steamboat. Pete's thinking was that a good U.S. team would make the trip to Colorado for the IMC but they would be unlikely to make a second trip to another venue for the U.S. Nationals. Pete's plan worked well with 26 U.S. Old Boys registering for the 60 meter IMC jump, though not all of them managed to ski in the U.S Championship which was also contested on Steamboat's 60 meter hill.

The U.S. Masters Committee also agreed to take the IMC K-88 competition as the U.S. Championships. This is contested in a single Masters class. Finally, the Committee agreed to take the IMC Nordic combined event as the U.S. Nationals -- only three U.S. skiers participated in the Nordic Combined event.

Here are the official results of the Masters Championships in Steamboat Springs. The organizers published the U.S. Masters Championships result as a single class, so we broke them down by age group but without detailed scores. The first image below gives the age group standings and the next image gives the scores in detail. As you scroll down further, you will find podium pictures and a discussion of some incorrect age groups, then the Nordic Combined results, the National Masters big hill results, and finally a group photo of the U.S. Masters jumpers at Howelson Hill.


Results of the 1996 Championships

1996 Masters Results

Detailed Scores of the 1996 Championships

Detailed Results


Medalists at the 1996 U.S. Championships
Dale Severson
Dale Severson (60-69)
  Don West
Don West (50-59)

The remaining podium pictures do not reflect the age group results posted above. The reason is that the Steamboat Springs organizing committee didn't realize that the U.S. uses ten year age groups rather than the IMC's five year groups. The medals were awarded according to five year age groups, so corrections were made later. The Steamboat results show Tim Denisson alone in his 5-year age group, which is in error, but the 40-49 age group podium was correct. (We show the incorrect results sheet below the podium pictures.)

Tim Denisson
Tim Denisson, 5th in 40-49
  Age group 40-49
Ages 40-49: 3. John Glasder; 1. Stig Hallingbye; 2. Steve Erkkila

Jeff Homola, 4th in 30-39; Jim Grahek, 2nd in 30-39
  Scott Smith, 1st in 30-39
Scott Smith, 1st in 30-39; PJ Tuohy, 5th in 30-39

Incorrect Age Group Results

Incorrect Results


1996 Nordic Combined Championships
Class II raced 10 km but Class III skied only 5 km. The IMC 55-59 age group was scheduled to take jumping points on the K-38 meter hill but both competitors had already jumped the K-60 and petitioned successfully to take their points from that competition and avoid the need to jump the smaller hill, so all three skiers below used jumping points from the 60 meter IMC competition.

   Masters-III (ages 50-59)

    Name           Ski Club     Jump    X.C.   Start  Finish

                                Pts.    time    time   time


1. Don West       Lake Placid   85.2   21:18.7  2:08  23:26.7

   Masters-II (ages 40-49)

1. Stig Hallingbye Wingnuts    175.1   35:44.5  0:00  35:44.5

2. Tim Denisson    Wingnuts    116.5   38:34.2  3:02  41:36.2


1996 Big Hill Championships

U.S. Big Hill Masters Championships


Competitors in the 1996 Masters Nationals in Steamboat Springs

1996 Competitors


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