USA Masters Ski Jumping National Championships
Febuary 25-26, 1995
Lebanon, NH

The 1995 National Masters Age Group Ski Jumping Championships were scheduled for January 21-22 on the recently refurbished K-48 meter jump at Storrs Hill in Lebanon NH. Then came the Mother of All January Thaws, throwing wrenches into the best laid plans of Chairman John Follensbee and his enthusiastic crew of Lebanon Outing Club workers. Not only did the snow disappear from tower and landing, but a mud-slide left a big hole in one side of the landing. Many quick phone calls later, the event was rescheduled for Feb. 25-26, an open date on the Eastern jumping schedule.

The LOC bunch began making snow again as soon as the temperatures dipped below freezing, and jumping resumed as early as January 27. A couple more snow storms came through, and another small thaw just before the event. February 25 dawned cold and clear with a gentle to moderate breeze across the knoll. The hill was bullet proof, but was raked smooth with a thin covering of cold corn snow. That was the good news -- the bad news was that only nine Masters jumpers, all from the east, showed up for the competition. Fortunately the Lebanon Outing Club had scheduled Junior and Open classes, giving 18 skiers in all on the big hill. We were told that Grand Master Bob Hein (age 72) had made the trek from Philadelphia, only to turn around and go back home when a dental problem flared up. We was missed.

Saturday's event was a team jump, won by the 1978 Junior Nationals Alumnae team of Larry Welch, Scarborogh ME, Jon Farnham, Lebanon NH, and Doug Lantz, Newport NH. In close second were the Legends of Eastern Skiing: PJ Tuohy, Sunapee NH, Ted Chivers, Springfield VT, and Don West, Plattsburgh NY. Filling the finish list in third was the Bear Mt. Bunch: Mark Levasseur, Worcester MY, Paul Bloomer, Fishkill NY, and Peter Claus, Kingston NY. Lack of snow forced cancellation of the Nordic Combined event.

Sunday was almost a carbon copy of Saturday, sunshine and five degrees early, rising to the teens. Again the breeze brushed the knoll all day. Junior jumpers competed on a ten meter hill and then a twenty meter before the main event. Again the Masters shared the K-48 hill with juniors and a few seniors, creating a field of competitors large enough for the Old Boy to catch a breath or two after the climb to the top. Larry Welch turned in a convincing victory in Masters-I (ages 30-39) With stylish Mark Levasseur in second and PJ Tuohy not far behind. In Masters-II (40-49), the historic Chivers name popped up, with Ted Chivers copping the gold ahead of Paul Bloomer who was battling flu and fever, cold weather and lack of training. Paul took only his two competitive jumps, dragging his hands on both rides. Don West was unopposed in Masters-III (50-59).

It was a good weekend, and a shame that there were not three or four times as many participants. Why did we not have two Malmquists, two Zincks, two Niedners? Where were the Denissons, the Makis, the Norge Skylords? Perhaps the 5-week postponement was partly to blame but we must all work to avoid such small fields in the future.

Here are the official results of the Masters Championships in Lebanon.


Results of the 1995 National Masters National Championships

1995 Masters Results

Competitors in the 1995 Masters Nationals in Lebanon NH

1995 Competitors
Left to right: Doug Lantz (10), Pete Langlois, Larry Welch (16), Don West, Mark Levasseur (17), Ted Chivers (15), PJ Tuohy (18), Peter Claus (11), Jon Farnham (13), Earle Murphy. (Missing: Paul Bloomer)   Earle Murphy and Pete Langlois were organizers of the 1996 IMC.


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