USA Masters Ski Jumping National Championships
January 9-10, 1993
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The 1993 the Masters Championships returned to Wisconsin Rapids, WI, hosted by the Tri-Norse Ski Club. Thirty two Old Boys from three USSA divisions competing on the K-52 meter jump. As a warmup to Sunday's Championship, competitors skied in a team jump on Saturday.

Age groups were: Masters-I (30-39); Masters-II (40-49); Masters-III (50-59); Masters-IV (60-69); Masters-V (70-79), and yes, there were two jumpers over 70 years old.

Here are the official results of the Masters Championships, first the individual Championships, then the team event.


Results of the 1993 National Masters National Championships

1993 Masters-5, -4 & -3 1993 Masters-2 1993 Masters-1

Standings and Scores in the Team Event

Team Results

The listing above lacks the detailed scores for the individual jumpers so Tri-Norse officials also produced the results of the team jumping, broken down into age groups, with all the details. Here they are.

Detailed Scores of the Team Jumping, listed by Age Group

Team Jumping Results by age group Team Jumping Results by age group Team Jumping Results by age group


Competitors in the 1993 Masters Nationals in Wisconsin Rapids

1993 Competitors


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