USA Masters Ski Jumping National Championships
February 1, 1986
Steamboat Springs, CO

At the USSA annual spring meeting of 1985, promoter Jack Turner argued that to make the National Championships into a moneymaking event with TV coverage, we should hold them at one venue for at least three years in a row. The committee in charge of scheduling agreed to hold the Nationals for 1986, 1987 & 1988 in Steamboat Springs.

The first of these three, the 1986 event was combined with the Junior Olympics and the Masters Nationals to form one of the grandest ski jumping festivals in recent memory and those in attendance say it was simply wonderful -- the best they had ever seen.

Twenty three Old Boys from five USSA divisions competed in the Masters competition on the K-60 meter jump. The results displayed below, scanned from original paper copies, are not broken down into age groups so we did our best to produce the results by class. We had no way to know where to place just two of the skiers: Gene Kramer and Seppo Hyvonen. If you know the age of either of these two, please let us know, and tell us any errors that you see. Thank you - DCW.


1986 Masters Nationals by Age Group

 1986 Masters Nationals     Class I (ages 27-34)

  Steamboat Springs, CO

                             1. Walter Malmquist 

                             2. Jim Maki

Class III (ages 50 & up)     3. Steve Erkkila

                             4. Gary Crawford

 1. Earle Murphy             5. Scott Sobczak

 2. Bob Hein                 6. Alan Johnson

                             7. Rick Anderson

                             8. Jim McDonald

Class II (ages 35-49)        9. Tim Denisson

                            10. Doug Maki

 1. Dale Fredette           11. Mark Johnson

 2. Chuck Berghorn          12. Gene Kramer ??

 3. Seppo Hyvonen ??        13. Greg Windsperger

                            14. Jack Turner

                            15. Dan Ellefson

                            16. Cairn Cross

1986 National Masters Championships in 2 pages

1986 Masters Championships, Page 1 1986 Masters Championships, Page 2


The 1986 Nationals in Steamboat also included a Masters Class on both the Normal Hill (P-70) and the large
hill (P-90), both contested in a single Masters Class. As a bonus, we display the results of these two competitions.

1986 National Masters P-70m Championships

1986 Masters P-70m Championships


1986 National Masters P-70m Championships

1986 Masters P-90m Championships



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