USA Masters Ski Jumping National Championships
February 7, 1982
St. Paul Ski Club, St. Paul, MN

In their annual spring meeting of 1981, the USSA established a small-hill National Masters Age Group Championship, similar to the annual Junior Olympics. They defined three age goups: Masters I, ages 27 through 34; Masters II, ages 35 through 49; Masters III, ages 50 and over. The first event was held in 1982 in St. Paul, MN. The original intention was a one hill, one day event on a 40 meter (P) hill.

Since that time, the Masters Age Group Championships have developed and expanded, following the model of the annual World Masters Championship (IMC) with multiple hills and sometimes two days of competition. In years when more than two hill sizes are offered, competitors choose to participate in one or two of the competitions. At the same time, the largest hill for these competitions has increased. In Steamboat Springs, a four-time host, a K-65 meter hill was used and in Westby (2001) a K-65 was the largest hill. In 2005, new heights were reached as the Masters competed on the new Norge Ski Club K-72 meter jump.

The initial Championships were hosted on February 7, 1982 at the Carver's Lake ski jumping facility of the St. Paul Ski Club, using only the K-46 meter jump. Thirty nine Old Boys participated, of whom 32 were from the Twin Cities. The remainder traveled from Duluth (2), Eau Claire, Madison, Coleraine, Philadelphia and Thunder Bay. The field included brothers Len and Luke Soler, Dick and Wally Wakefield, but the prize for family participation went to Corky and Tim Denisson whose Dad, Petter, at a very advanced age, brought up the rear in the 50-and-over class. In the heading for that class, the result sheet says "50 and over (some way over)" and we think that the writer had Petter Denisson in mind.

Super-Masters jumper Earle Murphy, co-founder of the International Masters Championships (IMC) and long time chairman of the U.S. Masters Ski Jumping Committee, boycotted the initial U.S. Championship because he perceived that it was USSA's way to force Masters out of the National Normal Hill and Large Hill Championships. Starting the following year (1983) Earle became an enthusiastic participant on the Age Group Championships, eventually winning six gold medals.

Here are the results, on two pages, of the initial Masters Age Group Championships, scanned from an original, low quality, paper copy. (Copiers were primitive in those days.)


Results of the 1982 National Masters National Championships

1982 Masters Championships, Page 1 1982 Masters Championships, Page 2



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