A Few Scenes of Harrachov

[Five jumping hills]

Five Harrachov jumps, partially obscured: K-120 and 185 up to the right, K-90 tower lower left. The dark gray structure with rows of dormers is our hotel. The red line along the top of the hotel is the railing of a walkway leading to the big hills.

[big hill inrun]
In a picture, it looks
just like a ski jump.
[building a log house]
Not every log house is old...

[old log barn]
...but some are!

[glass altar] [glass bell]
In Glass country, everthing might be made of glass.
In a little chapel in front of the glass factory and
museum the altar is glass, and so is the steeple bell!

[Modern Crucifix] [Two Bearded Guys]
The guidebooks didn't talk about the wood sculptures we found all over the village.

[guarding my house] [Log and Stucco building]

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