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Until 1980, a single national championship was held where champions were crowned in Junior, Senior, and Veterans Classes.

For assembling lists of early champions, thanks are due to the late Gloria Chadwick, tireless worker for American skiing, and Ray Wick, creator of the Duluth Ski Club Annual Souvenir Booklet. Recent records have been assembled by Don West who welcomes any related information by mail at 9 Addoms St., Plattsburgh, NY, 12901 or by e-mail.

1935 to 1980

year      Champion            Skiers club             Event 

                              or hometown            location

1935    Peter Falstad       Rapid City, SD         Canton, SD

1936    Ingvald Bruseth     Chicago, IL            Red Wing, MN

1937    Sven Ramsey         Anaconda, MT           Salt Lake City, UT

1938    Walter Brattlund    Iron Mountain, MI      Ironwood, MI

1939    Gjarder Iverson     St. Paul, MN           St. Paul, MN

1940    Hans Strand         Bear Mountain, NY      Berlin, NH

1941    Helge Sather        Spokane, WA            Seattle, WA

1942    Ingvar Arneson      Wisconsin Rapids, WI   Duluth, MN

1943, 1944, 1945    Events not held due to World War II

1946    Ernest Jacobson     Chicago, IL            Steamboat Springs, CO

1947    Earl Minkin         Ironwood, MI           Ishpeming, MI

1948    George Kotlarek     Duluth, MN             Seattle, WA

1949 open Sverre Engen      Salt Lake City, UT     Salt Lake City, UT

  amateur Howard Jansen     Chicago, IL            Salt Lake City, UT

1950    George Kotlarek     Duluth, MN             Duluth, MN

1951    Howard Jansen       Chicago, IL            Brattleboro, VT

1952    Howard Jansen       Chicago, IL            Salisbury, CT

1953    Lloyd Severud       Eau Claire, WI         Steamboat Springs, CO

1954    George Kotlarek     Duluth, MN             Ishpeming, MI

1955    Tom Mobraaten       Vancouver, BC          Leavenworth, WA

1956    Lloyd Severud       Eau Claire, WI         Westby, WI

1957    Lloyd Severud       Eau Claire, WI         Berlin, NH

1958    Lloyd Severud       Eau Claire, WI         Iron Mountain, MI

1959    Lloyd Severud       Eau Claire, WI         Leavenworth, WA

1960    Reuben Hamari       Iron Mountain, MI      Iron Mountain, MI

1961    Phil Dunham         Brattleboro, VT        Brattleboro, VT

1962    John Lyons          St. Paul, MN           Fox River Grove, IL

1963    Ralph Bietila       Ishpeming, MI          Steamboat Springs, CO

1964    Coy Hill            Ishpeming, MI          Ishpeming, MI

1965    Billy Olson         Eau Claire, WI         Berlin NH

1966    Billy Olson         Eau Claire, WI         Iron Mountain, MI

1967    Lenny Johnson       Minneapolis, MN        Leavenworth, WA

1968    Billy Olson         Eau Claire, WI         Westby, WI

1969    Dr. Don Hurst       Ishpeming, MI          Brattleboro, VT

1970    Coy Hill            Ishpeming, MI          Eau Claire, WI     

    tie Rolf Stendahl       Madison, WI      

1971    Dr. Don Hurst       Ishpeming, MI          Durango, CO   

1972    Jacques Charland    Mt. Carmel, Quebec     Berlin, NH

1973    Dr. Don Hurst       Ishpeming, MI          Ishpeming, MI

1974     (no entries on 90 meter hill)             Leavenworth, WA

1975    Glenn Kotlarek      Duluth, MN             Brattleboro, VT

1976    Earle Murphy        Farmingdale, NJ        Squaw Valley, CA

1977    Walter Cherry       St. Paul, MN           Laconia, NH

1978    Earle Murphy        Farmingdale, NJ        Ishpeming, MI

1979    Dave Engstrom       Rockford, IL           Ishpeming, MI

1980    Carl Trinrud        Eau Claire, WI         Eau Claire, WI

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