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Habovstak Flying
Steve Habovstak, adult beginner just a few years ago, flies to a 2001 National Masters title in Park City.

Until 1980, a single national championship was held where champions were crowned in Junior, Senior, and Veterans Classes. The new Olympic jumping facility in Lake Placid made it natural to hold National Championship events on two hills (normal hill, K-90 and large hill, K-120). However, in some seasons, only one championship is scheduled.

For assembling lists of champions, thanks are due to the late Gloria Chadwick, tireless worker for American skiing, and Ray Wick, creator of the Duluth Ski Club Annual Souvenir Booklet. Recent records have been assembled by Don West who welcomes any related information by mail at 9 Addoms St., Plattsburgh, NY, 12901 or by e-mail.

1981 to present


        CHAMPIONSHIP           CHAMPION            CHAMPION

1981    Steamboat Springs     Dave Tomten         Dave Tomten

1982    Lake Placid           Mike Voboril        Jim Maki*

1983    Eau Claire WI         John Benzie  

        Westby WI                                 Corky Denisson

1984    Steamboat Springs     Stig Hallingbye     Stig Hallingbye

1985    Laconia  NH           Jim McDonald        -no event-

1986    Steamboat Springs     Walter Malmquist    Jim Maki

1987    Ishpeming MI          Dave Hicks    

        Steamboat Springs                         Jeff Homola

1988    Steamboat Springs     Wes Palmer          Wes Palmer

1989    Lake Placid           Scott Immens        Scott Immens

1990    Eau Claire WI         Mark Windisch    

        Westby WI                                 Mark Windisch

1991    Steamboat Springs     Scott Smith         Kerry Lynch

1992    Brattleboro VT        Larry Welch    

        Lake  Placid                               (no entries)

1993    Westby  WI             -no event-         Scott Smith

1994    Steamboat Springs     Kerry Lynch         Scott Smith

1995    Park City  UT         Tim Denisson         -no event-

1996    Steamboat             Scott Smith      

        Lake Placid                                (no entries)

1997    Westby WI             -no event-          Scott Smith

1998    Steamboat Springs      (no entries in masters class)

1999    Lake Placid           Don West            Don West    

2000    Steamboat Springs      (no entries in masters class)

2001    Park City  UT         Steve Habovstak     Steve Habovstak

2002    Steamboat Springs     Kyle Gilbertson     Kyle Gilbertson

2003    Steamboat Springs       (no masters jumpers entered)

2004    Steamboat Springs       (no masters jumpers entered)

2005    Steamboat Springs       (no masters jumpers entered)

2006    Steamboat Springs     Karla Keck          Karla Keck

2007    Steamboat Springs       (no masters jumpers entered)

2008    Park City  UT         Jack Gasienica      Albert Gasienica

2009    Lake Placid          (#no avowed masters)  -no event-  

2010    Lake Placid          (#no avowed masters)  -no event-  

2011    Park City  UT        (#no avowed masters on NH or LH)   

2012    Fox R Grove/Pk City   Vladimir Glyvka   (#no masters on LH)   

2013    Park City  UT        (#no avowed masters) Volodymr Hlyvka 

2014    Park City  UT        (#no avowed masters) 

        Lake Placid                               Taylor Hoffman    

* I am not sure of Jim in 1982; the printed results are not broken down by age group, and
# Todd Lodwick (born in 1976) declined to be considered a Masters competitor. (DCW)
In 2013, half of the U.S. Combined Team was Masters age, but don't want to play that way.

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