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tiny Map of Norway The Old Boys of the ski jumping world gathered in March 2000 in Rognan, NOR for fellowship and for competition on four jumping hills (K-25, 43, 67 and 90 meters) and Nordic Combined (jumping and cross country).
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The special jump competitions were cleverly scheduled on Thursday and Friday, March 16-17 to keep everybody occupied on both days. Thursday morning, ninety four athletes from seven nations competed in seven age groups on the 67 meter hill, then in the afternoon the Grand Masters (jumpers over 60 years old) had their own special competition on the K-25. Medals were presented after each event.
The K-90 under lights
Friday morning, seventy six Old Boys competed through occasionally heavy snow flurries on the 43 meter hill. Later, at 6:30 pm, special jumping was wrapped up under the lights on a beautiful K-90.

A Saturday morning team competition involved teams from Finland, Norway and Sweden plus two mixed teams: Estonia/Russia and Germany/USA. Each team consisted of five skiers chosen from age classes I to V, with older skiers permitted to substitute in younger classes. The Norwegians continued their dominance in the team event, followed (in order) by Finland, Sweden, Germany/USA and Estonia/Russia.

Cross country racing was saved for Saturday afternoon. The Grand Masters (60+) used points earned on the 25 meter hill and raced 3 km, skiers in their fifties earned their points on the 43 and raced 5 km, while those under 50 jumped the 67 and raced 10 km.

The weather was good, though not perfect, for the Championships. Temperatures hovered around the freezing mark all week and wind was never noticable. However, persistent snow showers kept the hill preparers very busy and reduced the pleasure for some of the participants. On the landing hills, all new snow was simply packed with a big yellow roller, while the inruns were cleared and tracks were cut into old snow by machine. For the competitions, the tracks were all very good, fast and straight, though the landings were unavoidably a bit soft. The sun visited only on Thursday and Saturday.

The cross country course was a five kilometer loop offering some challenging hills. Early in the week, it was rough and new snow made
One very promising feature of IMC 2000 was that we welcomed the first two Masters skiers from Germany. The IMC movement started in Lake Placid with Norway, Canada and USA, but over the next couple of years we added Sweden, Finland, Russia and Estonia. But there we got stuck, finding it very difficult to get our message out anywhere south of Estonia and the Baltic Sea. We even held the 1995 IMC in Zakopane, Poland with the hope of gaining visibility in the many neighboring countries with vital ski jumping communities, but it didn't work -- we gained no new participating nations except Poland itself, which soon drifted away. Visitors to European ski meets assured us that these nations all had Masters jumpers, but we couldn't get through to them. Not until a chance phone call from a collector in Dresden GER led to a letter to a "fine sportsman", Kurt Brausse in Suhl GER, and then to Kurt and Klaus Günther showing up in Rognan. This was the start. In 2001 a larger German team joined us in Rovaniemi FIN, as did an enthusiastic group of four from the Czech Republic intent on bringing the IMC to their home town of Harrachov. It worked and in 2002, this famous ski flying village was our host and welcomed a large German team plus skiers from Poland, Slovakia as well as the home country. We soon doubled the number of participating nations and since then, virtually every ski jumping nation has joined in the IMC fun, as have some non-skijumping nations such as Great Britain and Australia.
it a bit slow, but for race day, the crew smoothed the surface and cut nice tracks on all the downhills. The temperature climbed to a few degrees above freezing which actually made the course a little faster.

Evening social and cultural events began Wednesday with the charming opening ceremonies. Teams marched to the town square, led by a brass band. Eight costumed adults danced to the music of two accordions, and of course there were the usual speeches, some delivered in four languages. Local children swarmed over the visiting jumpers, demanding souvenirs.

The Thursday evening "Cultural Event" turned out to be a local chorus, with live band and big loud-speakers, presenting two dozen American popular songs of the twentieth century.
Visitors were housed at the Norlandia Hotel and at a residential High School, but on Saturday evening, all gathered at the hotel for the banquet. More speeches and presentations, and some ad-hoc singing.

The 1994 IMC in Hurdal, Norway was spiced up by the participation of Ole Gunnar Fidjestol, fresh off the Norwegian National Ski Team. Through the years, we have enjoyed the participation of a number of ex-world-class skiers. Norwegian Jumping Champion and Olympian Roger Ruud has participated several times, as has Tom Sandberg, winner in 1984 of the first World Cup title in Nordic Combined. In Rognan, Tom was a double medalist, and Magne Johansen could have been as well, but for his falls in the 90 meter competition. Magne Johansen skied with the Norwegian team in the 1989 World Championships in Lahti, Finland.

A Brief Statistical Summary

We have worked through the results sheets and the medal table (below) for IMC 2000 and have counted participants and medals. The small table below left gives the team sizes for the seven national teams that came to Rognan, as well as the medal counts for each team, first gold, silver and bronze, then the team's total. The larger table gives the number of participants in each age group in each of the six events, and then gives row and column totals.

                             Cl. Ages   K-24 K-43 K-67 K-90  NC  Tot.

 NAT  team  G  S  B   T      ----------------------------------------

 ----------------------      12  85-89    1                        1

 EST    5   2  1  1   4      11  80-84    0                        0

 FIN   25   8  4  6  18      10  75-79    3    2              2    7

 GER    2   0  0  2   2       9  70-74    2    1              2    5

 NOR   73  27 23 14  64       8  65-69    1    1    0    0    1    3

 RUS    7   0  0  2   2       7  60-64    6    9    7    2    6   30

 SWE   13   2  5  3  10       6  55-59    -   11    8    2    7   28

 USA    3   0  1  0   1       5  50-54    -   14   17    6    7   44

 ----------------------       4  45-49    -   11   18    8    6   43

 Tot: 128  39 34 28 101       3  40-44    -   11   20   12    8   51

                              2  35-39    -    7   12    4    4   27

                              1  30-34    -    9   12    9    4   34


                                 Totals: 13   76   94   43   47  273

We see that 128 Old Boys ages 30 to 87 made 273 starts in the six events (not including the team competiton), and they took home 101 medals. The host country, Norway, dominated the start lists and took over 60 percent of the medals, but it is nice to see that no nation went home empty-handed.


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In 2009 we posted podium pictures for [ K-25 ]   [ K-67 ]   [ K-90 ]   [ N.C. ]   [ Team ]
(Sorry, we have no K-43 pictures, and the two oldest age groups are missing in K-67.)

We also have an annotated photo album from IMC-2000, and a Ski Jumping History Quiz, inspired by the special IMC menu at the Rognan Hotel.

Here are the medalists from IMC 2000 in Rognan, Norway:
(This listing is wide, use your horizontal slider to view all five columns.)

                25 meter (K)                43 meter (K)               67 meter (K)             90 meter (K)               Nordic Combined

Cl.12   1.  Olai Lie            NOR


Cl.10   1.  Olav Malin          NOR     Olav Malin          NOR                                                        Olav Malin          NOR  

75-79   2.  Leif Pederson       SWE     Johs Johnsen        NOR                                                        Leif Pedersen       SWE

        3.  Johs Johnsen        NOR

Cl. 9   1.  Nils Eriksen        NOR     Nils Eriksen        NOR                                                        Nils Eriksen        NOR

70-74   2.  Anders Lund         NOR                                                                                    Anders Lund         NOR 

Cl. 8   1.  John Eidem          NOR     John Eidem          NOR                                                        John Eidem          NOR


Cl. 7   1.  Kurt Elimää         SWE     Aarne Kuisma        FIN     Aarne Kuisma       FIN    Willy Johansen     NOR   Ingvart Tornängen   SWE

60-64   2.  Allan Anderson      NOR     Kurt Elimää         SWE     Ingvart Tornängen  SWE    Don West           USA   Kåre Holmen         NOR

        3.  Tuevo Koljonen      FIN     Kurt Brausse        GER     Willy Johansen     NOR                             Aarne Lintulahti    FIN

Cl. 6   1.                              Guttorm Bakke       NOR     Guttorm Bakke      NOR    Antti Kokkonen     FIN   Reidar Finanger     NOR

55-59   2.                              Svein Engmann       NOR     Svein Engmann      NOR    Reidar Finnanger   NOR   Åke Saloniemi       SWE

        3.                              Åke Saloniemi       SWE     Åke Saloniemi      SWE                             Pentti Körkkö       FIN

Cl. 5   1.                              Taisto Tolvanen     FIN     Jan Heiberg        NOR    Jan Heiberg        NOR   Ole Oddvar Kjøglum  NOR

50-54   2.                              Sigmund Stenberg    NOR     Pål Kalleberg      NOR    Pål Kalleberg      NOR   Gjert Andersen      NOR

        3.                              Knut Sørlien        NOR     Dag Tessum         NOR    Klaus Günther      GER   Valeriy Tchuikin    RUS

Cl. 4   1.                              Arsi Sjøgren        FIN     Stein Johannesen   NOR    Bjørn Knutsen      NOR   Hallstein Bogseth   NOR

45-49   2.                              Odd Nordsteien      NOR     Bjørn Knutsen      NOR    Stein Johannesen   NOR   Arsi Sjøgren        FIN

        3.                              Rune Tulluan        NOR     Roy Strenglesrud   NOR    Hallstein Bøgseth  NOR   Jan Skevik          NOR

Cl. 3   1.                              Stig Dahl           NOR     Veijo Strandèn     FIN    Ari Raitoharju     FIN   Tom Sandberg        NOR

40-44   2.                              Pertti Laaksonen    FIN     Vidar Johansen     NOR    Trond Pederson     NOR   Pertti Laaksonen    FIN

        3.                              Geir Almaas         NOR     Arne Jørgensen     NOR    Tom Sandberg       NOR   Leonid Vologjan     RUS

Cl. 2   1.                              Knut Bjerke         NOR     G'r Rune Lislegard NOR    Øyvind Villesvik   NOR   Geir Rune Lislegard NOR

35-39   2.                              Svein Erik Rønning  NOR     Øyvind Villesvik   NOR    G'r Rune Lislegard NOR   Dag Buraas          NOR

        3.                              Stig B. Wuttudal    NOR     Kalevi Kantola     FIN    Stein Moe          NOR   Kari Pesonen        FIN

Cl. 1   1.                              Kair Tammel         EST     Magne Johansen     NOR    Seppo Kinnunen     FIN   Kair Tammel         EST

30-34   2.                              Peep Heinloo        EST     Seppo Kinnunen     FIN    Bjørnar Flovik     NOR   John Erik Nygaard   NOR

        3.                              Pietro Nilssen      SWE     Bjørnar Flovik     NOR    Janne Heinonen     FIN   Rain Parn           EST

That's all for IMC 2000, now on to Finland for IMC 2001, ...

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