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The eighth International Masters Championship brought the Old Boys of the world back for their second visit to Sweden, this time to the Baltic port city of Sundsvall. The warm, sloppy snow conditions which visited both Zakopane (1995) and Steamboat Springs (1996) early in the week, came to stay at IMC 1997. The site did not offer a 90 meter hill, so the Old Boys competed on K-25, 45, and 68 meter jumps.

The schedule showed that the Nordic Combined skiers would have their own jumping competitions, all on Thursday, March 6. The K-68 meter competition was on Friday, and Saturday was busy with the Old Boys competing on K-25 and K-45 hills and then racing cross country for Nordic Combined.

A new event for 1997 was a team jump, held on Friday, March 7, where the Norwegians flexed their muscles, fielding the first and second place teams. The host Swedish team placed third out of sixteen teams, while the Finns swept the next four spots.

Masters ski jumpers show a great reverence for the oldest of the Old Boys, and they had plenty of grand masters to cheer for, with ten jumpers sixty five or older. Eighty three year old Olai Lie of Norway was in a class by himself, but he scored well enough to place in front of five "youngsters", ten to fifteen years his junior.

In past Competitions, IMC co-founder Guttorm Bakke has had and ongoing rivalry with countryman Jorgen Brenden. Brenden skipped the 1997 IMC, but Ronald Jensen kept Bakke occupied. These two swapped first and second in the 45 and 68 meter events. The anticipated dogfight between Roger Ruud and Ari Raitoharju evaporated when the Finn fell in both competitions.

By hand counting with some good help from Excel, we have found that 177 competitors aged 30 to 84 years made 345 to 352 starts** in four individual events (plus 109 in the team jump).
The smaller table at right gives team sizes and the number of medals won by each of the seven teams. The larger table (far right) shows the size of each age group in each event.

NAT  Team  Nbr     Cl  25  45  68  NC

     size  mdl     ---------------------

--------------     11   1               1

NOR    81   46      9   6   2       4  12

FIN    51   31      8   3   1       3   7

RUS    15   10      7   4   3   1   2  10

SWE    21    8      6   9  11   4   7  31

CAN     1    0      5  13  21   8   5  47

EST     3    0      4   7  25 10-18 9 51-59

USA     5    2      3   6  33  26   6  71

--------------      2   4  28  27   3  62

      177   97      1   4  23  21   5  53


                       57 147  97- 44 345-

                               105     353

**Counting the competitors in class 4 (45-49) was a problem because we lack the original score sheet for that age group in the K-68 meter competition so all we know is that the count is in the range 10 to 18. We know the three medalists, and we also have nine Nordic Combined skiers in Class 4 -- they took their NC jumping points on the K-68. One of the three medalists, Jan Heiberg, did not compete in NC, so we know that the K-68 special jump had at least 10 skiers in 44-49 age group. On the other hand, we can get a maximum by assuming that, in this age group, any skier who jumped the 68 also competed on the 45 and that any skier who skied the 45 also skied one of the other two jumps. This would imply that 25 - 7 = 18 skiers in Class 4 competed on the 68 meter hill. This permits us, with some confidence, to conclude that the number of skiers in Class 4 on the K-68 was somewhere in the range 10 to 18. (Sorry about all the calculations -- I've been a mathematician all my life. DCW)

When all the ski jumping and cross country skiing was over, Saturday evening was party time, with a very nice awards ceremony followed by a banquet and dancing.

In 2014 we converted the early IMC result sheets to digital images with a scanner, then edited the images and produced web pages of the results. Here are the results for IMC 1997 in four pages which display the scanned images.

[ K25 Jump ]
[ K45 Jump ]
[ K68 Jump ]
[ Combined ]
[ Team Jump ]

Here are the medalists from IMC 1997 in Sundsvall, Sweden:

                25 meter (K)               45 meter (K)              68 meter (K)            Nordic Combined

Cl.11     1.  Olai Lie          NOR


Cl. 9     1.  Martti Korhonen   FIN     Odd Aarnes        NOR                              Martti Korhonen    FIN

70-74     2.  Odd Aarnes        NOR     Johs Johnsen      NOR                              Olav Malin         NOR

          3.  Olav Malin        NOR                                                        Illarion Mukhortov RUS

Cl. 8     1.  John Eidem        NOR     John Eidem        NOR                              Nils Eriksen       NOR

5-69      2.  Nils Eriksen      NOR                                                        Aritz Hallberg     SWE

          3.  Nikolai Teterin   RUS                                                        John Eidem         NOR

Cl. 7     1.  Anat. Tchistiakov Rus     Aarne Kuisma      FIN     Aarne Kuisma      FIN    Anatoli Tchistiakov RUS

60-64     2.  Dale Severson     USA     Boris Bobkov      RUS                              Aarne Lintulahti    FIN

          3.  Boris Bobkov      RUS     Dale Severson     USA

Cl. 6     1.  Magne Heistad     NOR     Ingvart Tornangen NOR     Ingvart Tornangen NOR    Erkki Muhonen       FIN

55-59     2.  Kare Holman       NOR     Magne Heistad     NOR     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN    Ivan Seleninov      RUS

          3.  Svein Husby       NOR     Kurt Elima        SWE     Knut Wester       NOR    Ingvart Tornangen   NOR

Cl. 5     1.  Jan Ringseth      NOR     Guttorm Bakke     NOR     Ronald Jensen     NOR    Ake Saloniemi       SWE

50-54     2.  Boris Chvetsov    RUS     Ronald Jensen     NOR     Guttorm Bakke     NOR    Reider Finnanger    NOR

          3.  Rolf Andresen     NOR     Harald Skalleberg NOR     Antti Kokkonen    FIN    Jan Willy Oskal     NOR

Cl. 4     1.  Nikolai Zotov     RUS     Kare Johnsen      NOR     Jan Heiberg       NOR    Pekka Tainio        FIN

45-49     2.  Taisto Tolvanen   FIN     Pekka Tainio      FIN     Kare Johnsen      NOR    Helge Nordahl       NOR

          3.  Kalevi Neuvonen   FIN     Gjert Andersen    NOR     Gjert Andersen    NOR    Gjert Andersen      NOR

Cl. 3     1.  Reijo Honkanen    FIN     Nils-Olav KongsvikNOR     Nils-Olav KongsvikNOR    Pertti Laaksonen    FIN

40-44     2.  Pentti HartikainenFIN     Arsi Sjogren      SWE     Roy Strengelsrud  NOR    Christian Berggrav  NOR

          3.  Hannu Kasave      FIN     Pekka Korhonen    FIN     Pentti Rautiainen FIN    Oiva Ollodainen     FIN

Cl. 2     1.  Raimo PihlajaniemiFIN     Roger Ruud        NOR     Roger Ruud        NOR    Sergei Tcherviakov  RUS

35-39     2.  Geir Slastad      NOR     Timo Kekkonen     FIN     Timo Kekkonen     FIN    Kari Pesonen        FIN

          3.  Arne Cambrant     SWE     Stig Dahl         NOR     Veijo Stranden    FIN    Kalevi Kantola      FIN

Cl. 1     1.  Pietro Nilsson    SWE     Mikko Taskila     FIN     Raimo Tuovionen   FIN    Raimo Tuovionen     FIN

30-34     2.  Per Werme         SWE     Stein A. Vennatro NOR     Mikko Taskila     FIN    Markku Jantunen     FIN

          3.  Ulf Candell       SWE     Rami Ahola        FIN     Stein A. Vennatro NOR    Arve Waal           NOR

That's all for IMC 1997, now on to Russia for IMC 1998, ...

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