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Finally, the Old Boys of the world gather at beautiful Steamboat Springs, Nordic skiing capitol of the Rocky Mountains. Their arrival is greeted, not by Colorado sunshine, but by three days of rain. The rain softened the light mountain snow, making jumping hazardous, and several jumpers dropped out of the competition due to crashes in early practice. The unofficial team jump was wisely scrubbed, but the first scheduled event, a 38 meter competition for jumpers over 50, ran successfully on Thursday morning. Then the wind came up and the 38 meter jump for the younger classes was postponed until Saturday. This wind marked a weather front which ushered in the promised Colorado sunshine for the remainder of the weekend.

All the remaining events went off in beautiful Rocky Mountain weather. The Thursday 60 meter competition was split into two sessions. Friday was the busiest day, with a special 25 meter jump for the Grand Masters, the remaining 38 meter classes, the 88 meter and Nordic combined races. The cross country race was contested at the touring center east of town, where the 7000 foot altitude put a hurt on skiers accustomed to the thick air at sea level. Sunday saw two dozen foreign guests join the U.S. skiers in the U.S. National Championships on the 60 meter hill. All awards were saved for the banquet which, for a change, followed all competitive events.

SWE Team
Sweden's Masters, IMC hosts for 1997
  As in 1990, Peter Langlois arranged an entire week of activities for the old boys of the world. Visiting teams travelled by bus from the Minneapolis airport to Westby Wisconsin for some jet lag jumping and an opportunity to converse with some Americans who learned their Norwegian on the playgrounds of this little midwest farm community. Then it was back to Minneapolis for the flight to Denver.

Hand counting, with help from OCR & Excel, tells us that 121 competitors from 6 nations made 249 starts in five IMC events (plus 37 on Sunday).
The smaller table at right gives team sizes and the number of medals won by each of the seven teams. The larger table (far right) shows the size of each age group in each event.

NAT  Team  Nbr     Cl  25  38  60  88 NC Tot

     size  mdl     -------------------------

--------------      9   4   3          2   9

NOR    50   36      8   1   1          1   3

FIN    15   21      7   5   4          2  11

SWE    13    7      6   1   7   8   2  3  21

RUS    16   18      5   2  12   9   2  3  28

USA    26   11      4   2  16  14   2  7  41

CAN     1    2      3   -  11  24  15  6  56

--------------      2   -  12  27  13  4  56

Tot   121   95      1   -   4  11   8  1  24


                   Tot 15  70  93  42 29 249


In 2009 we posted podium pictures for [ K-25 ] .. [ K-38 ] .. [ K-65 ] .. [ K-88 ] .. [ N.C. ]

In 2014 we converted the early IMC result sheets from paper copies to digital images with a scanner, then edited the images and produced web pages of the results. Here are the results for IMC 1996 in six pages which display the scanned images.
[ K25 Jump ]
[ K38 Jump ]
[ K60 Jump ]
[ K88 Jump ]
[ Combined ]
[ USA Natls ]

Here are the medalists from IMC 1996 in Steamboat Springs:

                  38 meter (K)              65 meter (K)             88 meter (K)             Nordic Combined              25 meter (K) 

Cl. 9     1.  Odd Aarnes        NOR                                                         Olav Malin          NOR     Odd Aarnes          NOR

70-74     2.  Bob Hein          USA                                                         Illarion Mukchartov RUS     Olav Malin          NOR

          3.  Olav Malin        NOR                                                                                     Illarion Mukchartov RUS     

Cl. 8     1.  Nikolay Teeterin  RUS                                                         Nikolay Teeterin    RUS     Nikolay Teeterin    RUS

65-69     2.  

Cl. 7     1.  John Eidem        NOR                                                         Aarne Lintulahti    FIN     John Eidem          NOR

60-64     2.  Dale Severson     USA                                                         Teuvo Koljonen      FIN     Teuvo Koljonen      FIN

          3.  Teuvo Koljonen    FIN                                                                                     Aarne Lintulahti    FIN

Cl. 6     1.  Aarne Kuisma      FIN     Aarne Kuisma      FIN     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN     Martti Lamminpaa*   FIN     Aarne Kuisma        FIN

55-59     2.  Ingvart Tornangen NOR     Ingvart Tornangen SWE     Don West          USA     Don West*           USA     Ingvart Tornangen   NOR

          3.  Svein Glomsvoll   NOR     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN                               Anatoli Tchistiakov*RUS     Anatoli Tchistiakov RUS

Cl. 5     1.  Ake Saloniemi     SWE     Antti Kokkonen    FIN     Slavomir Kardas   CAN     Reidar Finnanger    NOR     Arnold Lund         NOR

50-54     2.  Svein Engmann     NOR     Slavomir Kardas   CAN     Antti Kokkonen    FIN     Ake Saloniemi       SWE     Olle Stromvall      SWE

          3.  Teuvo Hokkanen    FIN     Ake Saloniemi     SWE                               Per Birger Lomheim  NOR

Cl. 4     1.  Taisto Tolvanen   FIN     Jan Heiberg       NOR     Jan Heiberg       NOR     Helge Nordahl**     NOR     Reino Vaara         SWE

45-49     2.  Rune Tulluan      NOR     Rune Tulluan      NOR     Tim Denisson      USA     Jan Skevik**        NOR     Veijo Syren         SWE

          3.  Sindre Helland    NOR     Inge Blakstad     NOR                               Gjert Andersen**    NOR

Cl. 3     1.  Arsi Sjogren      FIN     Nils O. Kongsvik  NOR     Nils O. Kongsvik  NOR     Oiva Ollikanen      FIN

40-44     2.  Vladimir Frolov   RUS     Arsi Sjogren      FIN     Alf Tore Haug #   NOR     Stig Hallingbye     USA

          3.  Hannu Kohtala     FIN     Vladimir Frolov   RUS     Ilkka Tuomikoski# FIN     Vasily Slotkin      RUS

Cl. 2     1.  Sergey Skorniakov RUS     Roger Ruud        NOR     Roger Ruud        NOR     Alex Kovalenko      RUS

35-39     2.  Alex Kovalenko    RUS     Jack Gasienica    USA     Jack Gasienica    USA     Stig Dahl           NOR

          3.  Stig Dahl         NOR     S'gey Tcherviakov RUS     Veijo Stranden    FIN     Sergey Tcherviakov  RUS

Cl. 1     1.  Geir R.Lislegaard NOR     Scott Smith       USA     Scott Smith       USA     Geir R. Lislegaard  NOR

30-34     2.  Glenn Slettingen$ NOR     Oyvind Villesvik  NOR     Oyvind Villesvik  NOR     

          3.  Patrick Tuohy $   USA     Geir R.Lislegaard NOR     V. Zaharov        RUS     

     * In the Class 6 Nordic Combined competition, Lamminpaa and West jumped the 65 meter hill, but Tchistiakov jumped on the K-38.

    ** In Class 4 NC, the three shown above jumped the 65 meter hill, while two others skied the K-38 and were awarded medals separately.

       These two were both Russian Competitors: Valery Chuikin (Gold) and Victor Kolotilin (Silver).

       Five jumpers broke an IMC rule by skiing in special jumping events on three hills.  The five were Slavomir Kardas, 

        Vladimir Frolov, Alexander Kovalenko, Sergey Skorniakov (who also changed classes) & Vadim Zaharov.

     # The results sheet shows Vladimir Frolov in second place in Class 3, but it appears that since he had already participated in the

        38 and 65 meter jumping competitions, he was disqualified in the K-88, and Haug and Tuomikoski were moved up in the rankings.

     $ Vadim Zaharov (Class 1) placed 2nd on the 38, 4th on the 60 and 3rd on the 88.  It appears that he was not awarded the silver in

        the K-38 while Slettingen and Tuohy were moved up.  Kovalenko and Skorniakov each received a medal and Kardas was awarded two.

That's all for IMC 1996, now on to Sweden for IMC 1997, ...

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