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When Zakopane POL bid to hold the IMC, the International Masters Ski Jumping Committee welcomed the chance to take the Old Boys show to alpine Europe. The Jumping facility is very nice and the hills were perfectly prepared for the competitions.

The four smallest hills, up to K-85, share a common outrun area and shuttle chairlift. The Large Hill, K-120, stands a couple of hundred meters to the west with its outrun ringed with stands and buildings housing offices and shops. The big hill was not used for the IMC, but the outrun area served as the site for an evening cookout, the start-finish of the cross country, and awards for the final day's events. It was also used for the opening ceremonies with the parade of nations, led by young flag bearers in traditional garb of the region.

Competitors arriving early in the week were greeted by very warm weather, soft sticky snow, and puddles on the outrun. Each day, it got a few degrees cooler so that by tournament time, the ski conditions were quite good. Organizers struggled but heroic efforts finally produced a two kilometer loop for the final day's cross country race.

Again, the banquet preceded the big hill jumping, and was held in a brand new lodge constructed of huge logs in the traditional local fashion. All awards were saved for the banquet. Hosts and musicians appeared in traditional costumes.

Competitors seemed confused by the early small hill events. On Feb. 10, a jump was held on the 30 and 35 meter hills, limited to skiers over 50 years old. Its results were used for the older Nordic Combined skiers. However, special jump medals were awarded for this event. (The results of this meet are shown below in the far right column.) The next morning, another small hill jump ran on the 35 meter hill, open to all age groups. Many of the oldest skiers assumed that they had already had their chance on the small hill and did not enter on the second day.

Ninety Old Boys from 6 nations, aged 30 to 82, made 208 starts in five events.
The smaller table at right gives team sizes and the number of medals won by each of the six teams.
The larger table (far right) shows the size of each age group in each event.

NAT  Team  Nbr      Cl  30  35  65  85  NC  Tot

     size  mdl      ---------------------------

--------------      11   1                    1

NOR   20   31        9   5   2           3   10

RUS   25   16        6  10   5   5   1   5   26

FIN   24   29        5  11   8   5   3   6   33

SWE   15    8        4   -  14  14   4   6   38

USA    2    1        3   -   8  14   6   3   31

POL    4    0        2   -  11  14   7   4   36

--------------       1   -  11  12   7   3   33

Tot   90   85       ---------------------------

                    Tot 27  59  64  28  30  208

In 2009 we posted podium pictures for [ K-30 ] .. [ K-35 ] .. [ K-65 ] .. [ K-85 ] .. [ N.C. ]

In 2014 we converted the early IMC result sheets to digital images with a scanner, then edited the images and produced web pages of the results. The photo-copies of the original Zakopane result sheets were of poor quality and many of them required considerable repairs using PhotoShop -- this was quite time-consuming.
Here are the results for IMC 1995 in five pages which display the scanned images.

[ K-30 Jump ]
[ K-35 Jump ]
[ K-65 Jump ]
[ K-85 Jump ]
[ Combined ]

Here is a table of all the medalists at IMC 1995 in Zakopane POL:

                  35 meter (K)              65 meter (K)             85 meter (K)             Nordic Combined              30 meter


Cl. 11    1.                                                                                                            Olai Lie          NOR

80-84     2.           

Cl. 9     1.  Odd Aarnes        NOR                                                         Olav Malin          NOR     Olav Malin        NOR  

70-74     2.  Olav Malin        NOR                                                         Illarion Mukchartov RUS     Odd Aarnes        NOR    

          3.                                                                                Leif Pedersen       NOR     Leif Pedersen     NOR

Cl. 6     1.  Ingvart Tornangen NOR     Ingvart Tornangen SWE     Don West          USA     Aarne Lintulahti    FIN     Aarne Kuisma      FIN

55-59     2.  Henning Engh      NOR     Kurt Elima        SWE                               Teuvo Koljonen      FIN     Ingvart Tornangen SWE

          3.  Allan Andersen    NOR     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN                               Anatoli Tchistiakov RUS     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN

Cl. 5     1.  Ake Saloniemi     SWE     Guttorm Bakke     NOR     Guttorm Bakke     NOR     Reidar Finnanger    NOR     Ake Saloniemi     SWE

50-54     2.  Teuvo Hokkanen    FIN     Antti Kokkonen    FIN     Antti Kokkonen    FIN     Erkki Muhonen       FIN     Reidar Finnanger  NOR

          3.  Erkki Muhonen     FIN     Ake Saloniemi     SWE     Reidar Finnanger  NOR     Ake Saloniemi       SWE     Erkki Muhonen     FIN

Cl. 4     1.  Taisto Tolvanen   FIN     Anat. Govorukchin RUS     Anat. Govorukchin RUS     Anat. Govorukchin   RUS

45-49     2.  Kalevi Neuvonen   FIN     Boris Shvetsov    RUS     Jan-Willy Oskal   NOR     Viktor Kolpakov     RUS

          3.  Matti Kaseva      FIN     Taisto Tolvanen   FIN     Aatto Lamminpaa   FIN     Jan-Willy Oskal     NOR

Cl. 3     1.  Arsi Sjogren      FIN     Chris Berggrav    NOR     Vladimir Frolov   RUS     Chris Berggrav      NOR

40-44     2.  Mikhail Piroskov  RUS     Arsi Sjogren      FIN     Arsi Sjogren      FIN     Arkadi Pavlov       RUS

          3.  Hannu Kohtala     FIN     Juhani Huida      FIN     Chris Berggrav    NOR     Lars Ulleberg       NOR

Cl. 2     1.  Nils O. Kongsvik  NOR     Nils O. Kongsvik  NOR     Nils O. Kongsvik  NOR     Leonard Vologianin  RUS

35-39     2.  Arne Jorgensen    NOR     S. Tcherviakov    RUS     Veijo Stranden    FIN     S. Tcherviakov      RUS

          3.  Paal P. Tangen    NOR     Veijo Stranden    FIN     Paal P. Tangen    NOR     Paal P. Tangen      NOR

Cl. 1     1.  Geir R.Lislegaard NOR     Raimo Tuovinen    FIN     Raimo Tuovinen    FIN     Raimo Tuovinen      FIN

30-34     2.  Grigori Kopylov   RUS     Grigori Kopylov   RUS     Grigori Kopylov   RUS     Markku Jantunen     FIN

          3.  Ove Johansson     SWE     Jussi Tapio       FIN     Jussi Tapio       FIN     Geir R. Lislegaard  NOR

That's all for IMC 1995, now on to the USA for IMC 1996, ...

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