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The center of the winter sports world in 1994 was Lillehammer, Norway. To enable masters ski jumpers to attend both the Olympic Games and the the jumps IMC in one trip, the International Ski Jumping Committee set the 1994 IMC for Hurdal NOR the week following the Olympics. Lillehammer is located at the northeast corner of Mjösa Lake, the village of Hurdal is at the southwest corner, about two hours away by car.

The nordic ski complex, located outside of the village, has five jumps from junior hills to a shiny new K-90 meter jump. A rope tow runs up a steep slope between the big hill and the 40 meter jump, and a cross country facility is located just below the outrun area.

The organizers of the Lillehammer games set a tone of traditional costume and use of natural pink cheeked girls materials, and Hurdal organizers followed the same spirit. Directly after each event, winners stood on a victory stand consisting of three chunks cut from a large tree trunk while medals were paraded out and presented by pink cheeked girls in traditional costumes of the region.

The schedule was simple, with the small hill event (K-40) on Thursday, the middle sized hill (K-63), always the biggest draw with well over 200 skiers, on Friday, and the big hill (K-90) on Saturday morning, followed by the cross country races on Saturday afternoon.

The cold weather which had blessed Lillehammer throughout the games continued for another five days. Finally, the pattern broke on Friday night and the 90 meter competitors had to deal with off and on wind, fog, snow, sleet and rain. A few years ago, this combination would have resulted in a difficult, slippery track but a mechanical tracksetting machine gave the jumpers a track as smooth and straight as a porcelain track (but without the noise). Earle and Fidjestol The cross country race was run in slow conditions on Saturday afternoon.

One celebrity of the competition was Ole Gunnar Fidjestol (right, with Earle Murphy) fresh from the Norwegian Ski Team and made famous by an unfortunate fall practicing for the Lillehammer opening ceremonies. Ole showed his continuing love for the sport by competing in two of the IMC events. To the credit of lesser known Masters jumpers, it is worth noting that on the 90 meter jump, he shaded IMC regular Ari Raitoharju by just one point.

By hand counting*, we found that approximately 200 competitors probably made well over 400 starts in four events. The home team dominated both the start lists and the medals podium, but Finland also did well with a much smaller team. And we are always pleased when every team take home some medals.

Here are a few statistics from IMC 1994.

The smaller table at right gives approximate* team sizes and the number of medals won by each of the six teams.**
The larger table (far right) shows the size of each age group in each event.


                     Cl   40   63   90  NC   Tot

NAT  Team  Nbr       ---------------------------

     size* mdl**      9    3             2    5

---------------       8    5    2        4   11

NOR   125   43        7    3    1        1    5

FIN    31   22        6    9    8    2   5   24

RUS     7    8        5   18   18    3   5   44

SWE    20    2        4   16   31   10   9   66

USA    10    6        3   21   40    8   8   77

EST     7    2        2   19  #??   23   8   50+

---------------       1   20  #??   28  10   58+

Tot   200*  83**     ---------------------------

                     Tot 114 #100+  74  52  340+

* We did not go through a complete count of all three jumping events, taking account of skiers who participated on two or three hills. Rather, we counted the competitors in the most popular event, the 63 meter hill, and corrected only by adding 10 of the oldest Old Boys who skied the 32 but not the 64. And we had another complication -- we had no result sheets for Classes 1 & 2 on the K-63 so we counted the skiers in those two classes on both the 40 and the 90, assuming that no skier that young would jump the big hill and the also little hill. After all this adjustment, the Team sizes and total competitor count above are at best approximate but they give us a good idea of the sizes.
** Without the two missing result sheets, we could not get a complete medal count. There were 89 medals awarded and we have no way to distribute the last six on K-63 among the six teams. # We don't have result sheets for Classes 2 & 4 on the 32 meter hill so the total in that column and the final total in the table above, right, are probably short by at least 30.

In 2014 we converted the early IMC result sheets to digital images with a scanner, then edited the images and produced web pages of the results. With 28 pages of results, there were still several pages missing (the two youngest age groups on the 63 meter hill). Here are the results for IMC 1994 in four pages which display the scanned images.

[ K-40 Jump ]
[ K-63 Jump ]
[ K-90 Jump ]
[ Combined ]

Here is a table of all the medalists at IMC 1994 in Hurdal NOR:


                40 meter (K)               63 meter (K)              90 meter (K)             Nordic Combined

Cl. 9     1.  Odd Aarnes        NOR                                                         Olav Malin          NOR

70-74     2.  Bob Hein          USA                                                         Bob Hein            USA

          3.  Olav Malin        NOR

Cl. 8     1.  Nils Eriksen      NOR     Nils Eriksen      NOR                               Nils Eriksen        NOR

65-69     2.  Perloff Staveli   NOR     Martti Korhonen   FIN                               Martti Korhonen     FIN

          3.  Martti Korhonen   FIN                                                         Ill. Muhortov       RUS

Cl. 7     1.  John Eidem        NOR     John Eidem        NOR                               Uno Kajak           EST

60-64     2.  Dale Severson     USA     

          3.  Uno Kajak         EST

Cl. 6     1.  Aarne Kuisma      FIN     Aarne Kuisma      FIN     Willy Johansen    NOR     Aarne Lintulahti    FIN

55-59     2.  Ingvart Tornangen NOR     Willy Johansen    NOR     Don West          USA     Willy Johansen      NOR

          3.  Svein Glomsvoll   NOR     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN                               Anatoli Tchistiakov RUS

Cl. 5     1.  Jorgen Brenden    NOR     Guttorm Bakke     NOR     Antti Kokkonen    FIN     Ake Saloniemi       SWE

50-54     2.  Svein Husby       NOR     Jorgen Brenden    NOR     Dave Engstrom     USA     Erkki Muhonen       FIN

          3.  Ola Fiske         NOR     Antti Kokkonen    FIN     Harald Skalleberg NOR     Pentti Karkko       FIN

Cl. 4     1.  Kalevi Neuvonen   FIN     Jan Heiberg       NOR     Mathias Skaug     NOR     Helge Nordahl       NOR

45-49     2.  Tom Ricchio       USA     Pal Kalleberg     NOR     Jan Heiberg       NOR     Anat. Govoruhin     RUS

          3.  Boris Shvetsov    RUS     Mathias Skaug     NOR     Pal Kalleberg     NOR     Valeri Tchuikin     RUS

Cl. 3     1.  Pentti Rautiainen FIN     Pentti Rautiainen FIN     Ivar Nilsen       NOR     Arkadi Pavlov       RUS

40-44     2.  Arsi Sjogren      FIN     Ivar Nilsen       NOR     Juhani Huida      FIN     Jan Skevik          NOR

          3.  Pekka Korhonen    FIN     Roy Strengelsrud  NOR     Roy Strengelsrud  NOR     Tom Ludvigsen       NOR

Cl. 2     1.  Ari Joutjarvi     FIN     ?                         Ari Raitoharju    FIN     S. Tcherviakov      RUS

35-39     2.  Frank Nordby      NOR      results missing!         Roger Ruud        NOR     T. Engebretsen      NOR

          3.  Veijo Stranden    FIN     ?                         Tom Rauland       NOR     Pertti Tuhkanen     FIN

Cl. 1     1.  Terje Kjelsrud    NOR     ?                         Ole Gnr Fidjestol NOR     Ildar Garifullin    RUS

30-34     2.  Tomas Jernkrok    SWE     ?                         Frode Rogstad     NOR     Geir J. Alte        NOR

          3.  Markku Jantunen   FIN     ?                         Tom E. Bjerkengen NOR     Tom E. Bjerkengen   NOR

That's all for IMC 1994, now on to Poland for IMC 1995, ...

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