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Kuopio FIN boasts an up to date Nordic ski facility with lighted jumps right up to K-90 meter, ski lift, electronic scoreboard and cross country arena all on one attractive site.
March 4-6, 1993 saw gray skies, temperatures confortably below freezing, breezy to windy conditions with continuing tiny snowflakes too light to accumulate on the ground. The fourth IMC offered a full spectrum of events with a large field of skiers.

One feature of Masters sports is that the athletes eagerly enter many events. This happened at IMC II in Odnes, resulting in some long events and some very tired athletes. To control this phenomenon a bit, the International Masters Ski Jumping Committee ruled that an athlete should be limited to two special jumps plus nordic combined.

Event notes:
  • Finally, the IMC is contested at the site where it was initially scheduled.
  • New faces! The IMC welcomed a busload of competitors from nearby Estonia.
  • Southern Finland has no mountains, or even large hills, so many of its jumps have tall towers. Not so in Kuopio. The K-90 jump has an artificial inrun, which stays below the height of the surrounding spruce trees. Behind the ski jumps, the land continues to rise to a hilltop capped by an enclosed observation tower which is the signature of the area.
  • The night before IMC competition, Kuopio hosted the big guys. With a World Cup jump in Lahti on the weekend, the Kuopio club organized a K-90 meter night jump involving several of Finland's World Cup competitors.
  • A US jumper, returning from his week in Finland summed up Finland this way:
    "... a country where the people talk funny and it snows every day".

This picture, taken several years later, shows the 90, 64 and 32 meter hills we used in 1993, plus on the left, the new 120 meter hill built in 1998, all with the huge observation tower looming up behind.

By hand counting, we found that 169 (or perhaps just a few more*) competitors made well over 317 starts in four events.
The smaller table at right gives approximate* team sizes and the number of medals won by each of the six teams. The larger table (far right) shows the size of each age group in each event.

                    Cl   32   64  90  NC   Tot

NAT   Team  Nbr      --------------------------

     *size  mdl     10    1                 1

---------------      9    2    1       2    5

NOR    55   38       8    4    1       1    6

FIN    61   38       7    3    2       2    7

USA    13    6       6    8    6   2   8   24

RUS    25    9       5   14   13   2   3   32

SWE    11    1       4  #??   22   4   7   33+

EST     4    2       3   20   42  17   8   87

---------------      2  #??   34  12   7   53+

Tot  *169   94       1    8   37  18   6   69


                    Tot  60+ 158  55  44  317+

* We did not go through a complete count of all three jumping events, taking account of skiers who participated on two or three hills. Rather, we counted the competitors in the most popular event, the 64 meter hill, and corrected only by adding 11 of the oldest Old Boys who skied the 32 but not the 64. Therefore the Team sizes and total competitor count above do not tell the whole story -- they are probably just a bit below the true totals, but they give us a good idea of team sizes.
# We don't have result sheets for Classes 2 & 4 on the 32 meter hill so the total in that column and the final total in the table above, right, are probably short by at least 30.

In 2014 we converted the early IMC result sheets to digital images with a scanner, then edited the images and produced web pages of the results. The Kuopio results book is huge, 44 pages, and still there were pages missing. Here are the results for IMC 1993 in six pages which display these images.

[ K-32 Jump ]
[ K-64, Cl. 4-7 ]
[ K-64, Cl. 1-3 ]
[ K-90 Jump ]
[ NC with K-32 ]
[ NC with K-64 ]

The U.S.A. Masters Ski Jumpers in Kuopio FIN

Here is a table of all the medalists at IMC 1993 in Kuopio FIN:

                32 meter (K)               64 meter (K)              90 meter (K)               K-64 Combined              K-32 Combined

Cl. 10    1.  Olai Lie          NOR


Cl. 9     1.  Bob Hein          USA     Bob Hein          USA                               Bob Hein            USA     Erkki Hovi         FIN

70-74     2.  Erkki Hovi        FIN

Cl. 8     1.  Nils Eriksen      NOR     Nils Eriksen      NOR                               Nils Eriksen        NOR

65-69     2.  Halvor Svartdal   NOR

          3.  Martti Korhonen   FIN

Cl. 7     1.  John Eidem        NOR     Sig Malvik        USA                               John Eidem          NOR     Alexandre Trekche  RUS

60-64     2.  Sig Malvik        USA     John Eidem        NOR

          3.  Alexandre Trekche RUS

Cl. 6     1.  Aarne Kuisma      FIN     Aarne Kuisma      FIN     Don West          USA     Willy Johansen      NOR     Aarne Lintulahti   FIN

55-59     2.  Svein Glomsvoll   NOR     Willy Johansen    NOR     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN     Martti Lamminpaa    FIN     Teuvo Koljonen     FIN

          3.  Teuvo Koljonen    FIN     Martti Lamminpaa  FIN                               Valentin Kouznetsov RUS     Anatoli TchistiakovRUS

Cl. 5     1.  Timo Laakonen     FIN     Guttorm Bakke     NOR     Guttorm Bakke     NOR                                 Erkki Muhonen      FIN

50-54     2.  Magne Heistad     NOR     Harald Skalleberg NOR     Harald Skalleberg NOR                                 Pentti Korkko      FIN

          3.  Svein Husby       NOR     Magne Heistad     NOR                                                           Arnold Lund        NOR

Cl. 4     1.  ?                         Ronald Jensen     NOR     Ronald Jensen     NOR     Helge Nordahl       NOR     Valeri Tchovikine  RUS

45-49     2.   results missing          Mathias Skaug     NOR     Mathias Skaug     NOR     Reidar Finnanger    NOR     Viktor Kolotilin   RUS

          3.  ?                         Jorgen Nordskog   NOR     Antti Kokkonen    FIN     Gjert Andersen      NOR     Maida Kallas       EST

Cl. 3     1.  Rune Tulluan      NOR     Pertti Savolainen FIN     Pertti Savolainen FIN     Markku Lahtinen     FIN     Hasso Juris        EST

40-44     2.  Aleks'er Kalinine RUS     Ivar Nilsen       NOR     Ivar Nilsen       NOR     Jan Skevik          NOR

          3.  Reijo Honkanen    FIN     Pentti Rautiainen FIN     Pentti Rautiainen FIN     Viktor Polecaev     RUS

Cl. 2     1.  Ari Joutjarvi     FIN     Chris Berggrav    NOR     Juhani Huida      FIN     Pertti Laaksonen    FIN     Veijo Vaatainen    FIN

35-39     2.  Pertti Tuhkanen   FIN     Nils Kongsvik     NOR     Chris Berggrav    NOR     Ari Joutjarvi       FIN

          3.  Arsi Sjogren      FIN     Juhani Huida      FIN     Nils Kongsvik     NOR     Leonid Vologjanin   RUS

Cl. 1     1.  Mikko Ahvenjarvi  FIN     Frode Rogstad     NOR     Ari Raitoharju    FIN     Ari Reinikainen     FIN     Kalle Olsmats      SWE

30-34     2.  Risto Ikonen      FIN     Jarmo Salmela     FIN     Frode Rogstad     NOR     Tore Aarhus         NOR

          3.  Risto Pasanen     FIN     Kari Hamalainen   FIN     Jarmo Salmela     FIN     Markku Juntunen     FIN

A few of the Norwegian delegation arrive in Kuopio

That's all for IMC 1993, now on to Norway for IMC 1994, ...

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