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The second IMC was scheduled for Raufoss NOR, but 1991 was the year of the Persion Gulf War and, with an explanation vaguely related to the war, the event was moved a short drive north and west to Odnes. The number of events was doubled with the addition of a 30 meter jump and Nordic Combined. The number of competitors doubled as well, with new teams from Sweden, Finland and Russia. With 170 competitors, the 50 meter competition seemed to last forever.

Odnes jumps The weather was good with gray skies and temperatures hovering around the freezing point. The Nordic Combined was contested on the 50 meter hill with the classical cross country run on a pleasant course a few kilometers up in the hills. The gourmet banquet was an exercise in temperance for those jumping the big hill the next morning. Awards for the first three events were presented in a long ceremony following the banquet.

Heros and rivalries: Guttorm Bakke and Jorgen Brenden, who split the honors in Lake Placid, continued their close rivalry in Odnes. Odd Aarnes and Nils Eriksen each won both of their events. Pertti Savolainen and Sergei Tcherviakov each took home two golds and a silver, but the hero of IMC II was Willy Johansen who entered all four events and took gold in every one!
the great Willy!
Willy Johansen
Jorgen Nordskog        Mathias Skaug

Using only hand counting, we found that 172 (or perhaps just a few more*) competitors made 377 starts in four individual events.

The smaller table at right gives team sizes and the number of medals won by each of the seven teams. The larger table (far right) shows the size of each age group in each event.


                     Cl   30   50  80  NC  Tot


NAT   Team  Nbr      10    1                 1

     *size  mdl       9    1                 1

---------------       8    2    1            3

NOR   136   52        7    5    4            9

FIN    14   11        6    5    4   1   3   13

USA    11    8        5   10   11   1   3   25

RUS     6    7        4   20   27   6   5   58

SWE     5    0        3   26   48  23   7  104

---------------       2   22   32  18   3   75

Tot  *172   78        1   16   40  30   2   88


                     Tot 108  167  79  23  377

* We did not go through a complete count of all three jumping events, taking account of skiers who participated on two or three hills. Rather, we counted the competitors in the most popular event, the 50 meter hill, and corrected only by adding five of the oldest Old Boys who skied the 30 but not the 50. Therefore the Team sizes and total competitor count above do not tell the whole story -- they are probably just a bit below the true totals, but they give us a good idea of team sizes.

In 2014 we converted the early IMC result sheets to digital images with a scanner, then edited the images and produced web pages of the results. Here are the results for IMC 1991 in four pages which display these images.

[ P-30 m Jumping ]    [ P-50 m Jumping ]    [ P-80 m Jumping ]    [ Nordic Combined ]   

Here are the medal winners at IMC 1991 in Odnes, Norway.


               30 meter (K)               50 meter (K)              80 meter (K)             Nordic Combined

Cl. 10  1. Olai Lie           NOR


Cl. 9   1. Ragnvald Ruud      NOR


Cl. 8   1. Odd Aarnes         NOR     Odd Aarnes         NOR

65-69   2. Hermann Smedsrud   NOR

Cl. 7   1. Nils Eriksen       NOR     Nils Eriksen       NOR

60-64   2. Earle Murphy       USA     Earle Murphy       USA

        3. Kjell Larsen       NOR     Torbjorn Heggelund NOR

Cl. 6   1. Willy Johansen     NOR     Willy Johansen     NOR    Willy Johansen     NOR    Willy Johansen     NOR

55-59   2. John Eidem         NOR     John Eidem         NOR                              John Eidem         NOR

        3. Teuvo Koljonen     FIN     Sig Malvik         USA                              Raymond Aasen      USA 


Cl. 5   1. Magne Heistad      NOR     Aarne Kuisma       FIN    Don West           USA    Kaare Holmen       NOR

50-54   2. Aarne Kuisma       FIN     Svein Huseby       NOR                              Don West           USA

        3. Alan Andersen      NOR     Magne Heistad      NOR                              Martti Lamminpaa   FIN

Cl. 4   1. Jorgen Brenden     NOR     Guttorm Bakke      NOR    Jorgen Brenden     NOR    Reidar Finnanger   NOR

45-49   2. Guttorm Bakke      NOR     Jorgen Brenden     NOR    Guttorm Bakke      NOR    Jan Willy Oskal    NOR

        3. Ola Fiske          NOR     Ola Fiske          NOR    Corky Denisson     USA    Aatto Lamminpaa    FIN

Cl. 3   1. Pertti Savolainen  FIN     Ronald Jensen      NOR    Pertti Savolainen  FIN    Helge Nordahl      NOR

40-44   2. Kalevi Neuvonen    FIN     Pertti Savolainen  FIN    Ronald Jensen      NOR    Viktor Poleaevjev  RUS

        3. Kalevi Junkkarinen FIN     Jorgen Nordskog    NOR    Kalevi Junkkarinen FIN    Viktor Polkakov    RUS

Cl. 2   1. Nils Olaf Kongsvik NOR     Nils Olaf Kongsvik NOR    Christian Berggrav NOR    Leonid TchachtchineRUS

35-39   2. Rune Dahl          NOR     Christian Berggrav NOR    Svein Gulbrandsen  NOR    Dennis Kavli       NOR

        3. Jo Erichsrud       NOR     Alf Tore Haug      NOR    Nils Olaf Kongsvik NOR    Odd Nordstein      NOR

Cl. 1   1. Magnar Larsen      NOR     Leonid Kamarov     RUS    Sergei Tcherviakov RUS    Sergei Tcherviakov RUS

30-34   2. Stig Dahl          NOR     Sergei Tcherviakov RUS    Nils P. Nordeng    NOR    Geir Torke         NOR

        3. Tom Knutsen        NOR     John Erik StrombergNOR    Leonid Kamarov     RUS

That's all for IMC 1991, now on to Sweden for IMC 1992, ...

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