Year 2009-2010 News Updates on
International Masters Ski Jumping
from James Lambert, IMC President
(and other sources)
archived June, 2010

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Picture Pages added to IMC 2010 Report

Manuela Steinki [Mar 14] We asked for pictures from IMC 2010 and Manuela Steinki (right) has graciously contributed over 3000 of hers, taken at Ziri, Kranj and Pokljuka. We have selected some of her photos and created six more pages of IMC report, podium picture pages for the five events, plus one page with a few other nice shots. The complete report now cosists of the following pages:

        Don West, webmaster

IMC 2010 Results & Report Posted

[Feb 19] Your webmaster was unable to travel to IMC 2010 so it was harder to prepare this year's report. We thank all those who sent memories, opinions, observations, impressions of the event. We have finally assembled these into a report. We have also prepared the IMC results in seven html files rather than the over fifty pdf results files posted on the WWMG web site. We are still seeking photos of the awards so we can continue the tradition of posting podium pictures.
    Don West, webmaster.      [ See IMC Report.]

Annual Harrachov Veteraniada Invitation

Stanislav Slavic of Harrachov has distributed the invitation to the 32nd Annual Veteraniada masters competition, to be held on Saturday, March 13 in Harrachov CZE. This event predates the IMC and has been well attended by skiers from nearby nations. See the Invitation (35 kb Word .doc)   (Let us know if you can't view this document.)

IMC-WWMG is Finished in SLO

Almost complete results are posted on the Event web site.

As most of you know, we post an IMC report every year, but this year your webmaster was unable to travel to the event. We would be pleased to receive your memories, opinions, observations, impressions of the event. Tell about the weather, the hills, the snow conditions, the competitors and the competitions, the organizers. What was good and what was bad. Please write in English -- your English is much better than my German or Norwegian or Russian. I will edit all submissions and use the best parts.
I have asked James to try to find one person to provide podium pictures so we can continue the tradition of posting those pictures.

Thank you. I hope that you all had a wonderful IMC.

Don West, webmaster.

Competitors May Select New Hill Sizes

With the change of the ski jumping venue for 2010 IMC/WWMG, the hill sizes have changed somewhat, with the three smallest hills now smaller than originally announced. The original hills in Trzic were given as K-30 and K-50, and in Kranj as K-70 and HS-105. Now we are to use three hills in Ziri of sizes HS 29, HS 40 and HS 66. The big hill (HS 105 in Kranj) remains the same.

With new hill sizes, IMC President James Lambert has negotiated with WWMG organizers to permit IMC jumpers to change the hills that they choose to jump. James originally suggested making the changes when we arrive in Slovenia but has now arranged to make changes in advance, not on the web site but by e-mail.

James Writes:

"we have made arrangements with the host in Bled regarding changes on hill sizes. They are ready to register any hill changes for you Teams. This may be a better solution to have this done before arriving.

"Please send the requests to Petra Farcnik."

Und nun auf Deutsch:

"Wir haben uns Vereinbart mit dem Host in Bled ' Sie sind bereit, jeden anmeldung veranderung zu machen für ihre Teams. Dies kann eine bessere Lösung sein. Schon angemeldet before Ankunft !!

"Bitte senden Sie die Anträge auf Petra Farcnik."

James Lambert IMC President

Venue change for Ski Jumping
from James Lambert

Due to lack of snow it has been decided that the Ski Jumping events will now be held in Žiri.
Žiri is 45 minutes to 1 hour drive away from Kranj where most of competitors will stay and 1.15 drives from Bled and has a very good ski jumping conditions especially for the masters. Ski jumping hills were recently built as they have started with construction work seven years ago. In Žiri there are HS 29, HS 40 and HS 66 meters hills all equipped with a lift. Organizing committee will provide special shuttle buses from Bled and Kranj to Žiri at a reasonable price app. 10 – 15 EUR for the return ticket.

No change for the big 105m Hill... it will still be in Kranj

The New schedule will be announced soon

James Lambert IMC President

Aufgrund von Schneemangel wurde entschieden, dass die Skispringen nun in Žiri stattfinden werden.
Žiri ist etwas 45 min bis eine Fahrstunde von Kranj entfernt (in Kranj werden die meisten Sportler wohnen). Von Bled aus sind es 1.15 Stunden zu fahren. Žiri hat sehr gute Skisprung-Bedingungen, besonders für die Masters. Die Sprungschanzen wurden erst kürzlich gebaut. Die Konstruktionsarbeiten haben vor sieben Jahren begonnen. In Žiri gibt es die Schanzen HS 29, HS 40 und HS 66, die alle mit einem Lift ausgerüstet sind. Das Organisationskomittee wird spezielle Shuttle-Busse von Bled und Kranj zur Verfügung stellen (kosten für Hin- und Rückfahrt etwa 10 bis 15 Euro).

Für die Großschanze 105 m gibt es keine Änderung. Dieser Bewerb wird in Kranj ausgetragen!

Der neue Zeitplan wird in Kürze veröffentlicht!

James Lambert IMC President

WWMG Participants Lists Available
from WWMG Organizers

On the web page new section GAMES INFO has been created which will be updated with basic information about the Games. Some information will be also available in German, French, Italian and Russian.

Today list of participants registered for the Games has been added. Please check your registration.

[ Go There Now.]

IMC Registration Deadline Moved Back

After all the insistant talk about an October deadline, now the Organizers of WWMG have moved back the final day for athlete registration in IMC 2010.

James Lambert writes on Nov. 6
Please note : IMC have agreed with the host to extend the registration dealine for WWMG 2010 in Bled. The new deadline for registration is now 25th December 2009.
Over 200 ski jumpers are already registered. This is going to be an exciting event.

Bitte beachten Sie: IMC haben sich mit der Veranstaltung vereinbart die Registrerung datum zu verlangern. Die neue Frist für die Registrierung ist jetzt der 25. Dezember 2009.
Über 200 Skispringer sind bereits registriert. Das wird sich ein spannendes Ereignis.

Click this link to register!

October Masters Training Camp in Kranj
James Lambert has sent this nice picture from the Kranj training camp.

Happy Master Jumpers

James identifies the jumpers, L-R: Peter Slatner, SLO; Torry Ringkilen, NOR; Knut Bjerke, NOR; Arne Jens Jorgensen, NOR; James Lambert, GBR; Kristof Gaspiric, SLO; Knut Strom, NOR; Sigmund Espeland, Nor.

At the top of the picture you can see the inrun of the new 70 meter jump which we will use for IMC 2010. This hill, which was opened just this summer, has created a flurry of e-mails among members of the IMC Committee when some people became concerned that the jumper goes high off the new 70 meter jump. In the end, the Kranj hosts have assured us that it will be OK and the IMC Committee has agreed to use it.

Registration Deadline for IMC is Oct. 25
from James Lambert

[Oct. 19] We are getting close to the registration day for our WWMG in Bled 2010.
Please remember you MUST register
last day for Registration is 25th Oct 2009

Click this link to register!

and the last day for PAYMENT is 25th November 2009
A lot of work has already been done, This is going to be a great event.

2009 Summer Grand Prix in Einsiedeln

We have posted a brief report on the recent Summer Grand Prix event in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, based on notes sent us by James Lambert. The report includes a few pictures and has links to competition results and the event web site. [ READ IT NOW.]

Information and Schedule for IMC/WWMG 2010
From Erkki Ahtiainen

Newly appointed IMC Vice President Erkki Ahtiainen traveled to Einsiedeln for the summer meetings, then went on to Bled where he negotiated with Tim Farcnik and the WWMG organizers to establish the arrangements and the schedule for the ski jumping and Nordic combined events in the upcoming Winter Games. Erkki has now distributed some very good and up to date information regarding accommodations, local travel, registration, fees, and schedule of activities for the 2010 IMC/WWMG. [ READ IT NOW.]

No FIS License Required for WWMG
From Lames Lambert

English Version After discussion with FIS this morning, Petra Farcnik has informed me that we no longer need a FIS code in order to attend the WWMG in Bled. FIS and IMC have now made agreement that these FIS codes are not necessary. !! This will now make it much easier for all.

German Version Nach Rücksprache mit der FIS, hat heute Morgen Petra Farcnik mir mitgeteilt, dass die FIS _ Codes nicht mehr benötigt sind um die WWMG in Bled teilzunehmen. FIS und IMC sind ab huete Einigkeit darüber, dass diese FIS-Codes sind nicht mehr notig sind fur die WWMG im Bled 2010. Es wird nun viel einfacher für alle.

Norwwegian Version Etter diskusjon med FIS idag, Petra Farcnik har nå informert meg om at vi ikke lenger trenger en FIS-kode for å delta på WWMG i Bled. FIS og IMC har nå gjort avtale om at disse FIS koder er ikke nødvendig for deltakelse i Bled 2010. Dette vil nå gjøre det mye enklere for alle.

Regards, James


Two Training Camp Opportunities in Poland
From Agnieszka Baczkowska

We have received two attractive invitations to come and train in the Beskidy mountains on HS-106 and HS-77 hills at Szczyrk or at Wisla. (Each proposal is in a 85 kb .pdf file.)

Small-Hill Jumping in Hungary
From Laszlo Molnar

Last spring we posted an invitation to a small hill competition for Juniors and Masters in Hungary. Now we have another such invitation, sent to us by our IMC friend Laszlo Molnar. The event will be on October 18 with jumping on K-10, K-20 & K-30 hills. We have posted the invitation in three languages (separately): in English Language, in German Language, in Hungarian Language. Each invitation is a .pdf file about 325 kb.

FIS Registration for WWMG Jumpers
From James Lambert

Copied below is a sequence of communications between IMC, FIS and WWMG officials.

Date: September 4, 2009, 11:46 PM

Dear All
This email is just to confirm that FIS have now sent confirmation to all registered Ski Federations world wide, to instruct the Ski Federations on how to register their athletes for Bled 2010.
I know that for some countries it has been no problem. However, this will help some other nations with applying for their FIS codes.
Please let me know if you should encounter any problems.
This information will also be posted on Websites IMC and SeniorSpringen M.Steinke
See you soon, for another great event in Einsiedeln
best wishes
James Lambert IMC President

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2009, 2:11 AM

From: Judith Lessing
Subject: World Winter Masters Games Ski Jumping
To: Petra Farcnik, SI Sports

Dear Petra
Thank you very much for your e-mail. All the Ski Jumping athletes have to be registered by their National Ski Associations (which have to be member of FIS) online in the so-called FOU system (details see enclosure).
There is no fee for the registration of Ski Jumping athletes.
We will be pleased to mail the following e-mail to the National Ski Associations, informing them about the procedure for your World Winter Master Games Ski Jumping, exceptionally including your basic information about the Games (normally, organizers have to inform the NSA directly):

Dear Ski Friends,
We would like to inform you that all Ski Jumping athletes who want to start in the World Winter Masters Games (see below) have to be registered by the FOU system.
Please check carefully if these athletes are already registered - check also the FIS Code of the retired athletes.
Please check, mail us your basic information and inform us if you would like to add anything else.
Thank you very much and have successful preparations for the World Winter Masters Games.
Kind regards,
Judith Lessing -- Administrative Assistant

The two attachments to this e-mail were


On August 2009, Petra Farcnik Wrote
(Subject: FIS and World Winter Masters Games)

Dear Mrs. Rakic and Mrs. Friedrich!
I’m writing you on the behalf of Tim Farcnik, who is currently unavailable.
First I would like to thank you for all the cooperation and help with the promotion of World Winter Masters Games.
Though the summer season has not ended, we are already paying huge attention to the World Winter Masters Games. We are at the final stages of preparation of the program and finalizing the competitions rules. One of our great objects is also to attract many ski jumpers and give them opportunity to be part of what we think would be a great event.
Regarding the Ski Jumping I would like to inform you that the agreement was made with Mr. Walter Hoffer that the competitors at the World Winter Masters Games will receive the FIS code. Therefore I would now like to kindly ask you to help us with the informing the competitors about that. We strongly believe that FIS codes will motivate many ski jumpers to attend the Games.

Our proposal is that FIS informs all the national federations by sending them the document (we can provide basic information about the Games or anything else you may need), who can pass the information to their competitors, that all competitors who will participate at the World Winter Masters Games will get the FIS code. In order to get one, they should apply at the national federation, which can then inform directly FIS about the number and the names of the competitors who applied for FIS code. I don’t know yet whether they will receive the code prior to the Games or later on when they will be registered.

Because we are concerned that some people still don’t quite understand the idea of the World Winter Masters Games, it is even more important that we give all the relevant information to the national federations. We can also prepare the draft that national federations will then distribute to their members.
I kindly ask you to tell us your view on the proposed promotion to the competitors at Ski Jumping. Our basic goal is to get information out there to the competitors and we hope our proposal will work in that way.
Any comments, suggestions or questions will be much appreciated.
I would like to thank you in advance for your answer.
Kind regards,
Petra Farcnik

IMC Rules, Not WWMG Rules
From James Lambert

James wants all IMC participants and officials to understand that the 2010 IMC ski jumping and nordic combined events at the World Winter Masters Games in region of Bled in Slovenia will be conducted using our IMC rules, not the WWMG rules published elsewhere.

James writes:
"The WWMG does have some slight different critereon and I just want to make sure the all jumpers know it's our IMC rules that will be used. 'NOT WWMG rules'."

See the current IMC rules (189 kb Word Doc)

Entries are due by September 1 for the
2009 Masters Summer Grand Prix
Einsiedeln Switzerland, September 18-19, 2009

Einsiedeln Jumps Ralf Schnyder reminds us that entries must be in by September first for the Masters Summer Grand Prix to be held in September in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

James Lambert emphasizes two points:

  1. The host now requires ''Proof of insurance'' a pre-requirement to entering the competition.
  2. There will also be a Jury to overlook the safety of the Athletes and hill conditions.
See Invitation (132 kb .pdf)
Entry Form (39 kb .doc)


Slavomir Kardas suffers stroke
From Richard Tonkin (CAN) to Jon Denney (USA), then to Tom Ricchio (USA)

We have received the news Slav Kardas has had a stroke. A ski jumper, jumping coach, and equipment broker from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Slavomir has participated in IMC several times. "I know many join me in wishing him a full recovery. Those wishing to send cards can send them to:"

Slav Kardas
1009 Ridgeway St. E
Thunder Bay, Ontario

From James Lambert
More Information on WWMG 2010 in Bled

We have posted the Invitation and the Entry Form for the 2010 World Winter Masters Games. However, PLEASE BE ADVISED that our Adobe Reader is not able to open the Invitation (a .pdf document). The error message is "Cannot Extract Font". Perhaps you will have better luck.

James has been working with Tim Farcnik and with FIS to clarify the requirement that participants in WWMG 2010 must have FIS licenses. The assertion is that there should be no charge for this license, but arrangements are not yet complete.

From James Lambert
FIS License Required for IMC 2010

Posted June 26 in English and German at the request of IMC Chairman James Lambert.

Please make sure you order your FIS License through your National Ski Federation. This has been arranged with FIS this should not be a problem.
Your Team Captain can collect all names and send them all to you ski Federation. Please let us know if you need any help with this. !!

Also denkt bitte alle daran, dass Ihr Euch durch den nationalen Skiverband eine FIS-Lizenz besorgt. Dieses ist mit der FIS abgesprochen und sollte keine Probleme darstellen. Die Team-Captains von jeder Nation können die Namen der Masters sammeln und die Liste dann an die FIS schicken.
Sollte es Probleme geben, so wendet Euch bitte an James. Seine E-Mail-Adresse lautet:

James Lambert IMC President

Note -- we do not have official information from FIS telling the cost of an FIS License. However, for USA skiers, the U.S. Ski Association charges $25 for an FIS Jumping License. U.S. competitors can request the FIS License at the same time that they apply for a USSA License.

New arrangement between
[ More June 18 postings, Klaus & Torbjorn resign ]

June 18 - For several months, we had heard that in order to make the upcoming World Winter Masters Games (Bled 2010) our official annual event, the IMC would have to "join the FIS", but it was never clear just what was meant by those words. Now perhaps we have some clarification in a note forwarded on June 18 by James Lambert.

"In regards to the recent FIS and IMC meeting in Dubrovnik 20th May 2009

"The following has now been proposed from Gianfranco Kasper FIS President and Walter Hofer FIS race director, mediated through Tim Farcnik SI Sports and James Lambert IMC President.

"There will be no official affiliation necessary between FIS and IMC. This means that the IMC remain totally independent.

"FIS will now provide every IMC member with a personal FIS license. To enable each athlete to compete in relevant FIS masters events. In this case it would be to qualify IMC athletes for participation in the upcoming World Winter Games, Bled 2010.

"IMC Athletes are responsible themselves to apply for their own personal FIS License through their own national ski federation. Each national Ski federation will then apply for the Licenses, which in turn will be granted from FIS. (See above.)

"Our own IMC rules will be used for all our competitions throughout the Games.

"The Medals for the winners in these competitions will be Official FIS medals !!

"I will also release this information in the next newsletter. Meanwhile all National Team Captains have this information.

"Now is the time to get back to me with any questions regarding this IMC FIS arrangement... I absolutely welcome all questions.

"wish you all a lovely Summer, best regards, James Lambert IMC President"


Now the same message in German
(Translation courtesy of Manuella Steinki)

Folgendes wurde nun von Gianfranco Kasper (FIS-Präsident) und Walter Hofer (Renndirektor) vorgeschlagen, vermittelt durch Tim Farcnik (SI Sports) und James Lambert (IMC Präsident):

Es ist keine offizielle Angliederung zwischen FIS und IMC notwendig. Das heißt, dass das IMC gänzlich unabhängig bleiben wird.

Die FIS wird nun jedes IMC-Mitglied mit einer persönlichen FIS-Nr. versorgen, um es jeden Athleten zu ermöglichen, bei relevanten Masters-Veranstaltungen an den Start gehen zu können. In diesem Fall ist diese Lizenz auch dafür gedacht, die IMC-Athleten für die Teilnahme an den anstehenden World Winter Games in Bled 2010 zu qualifizieren.

Die IMC-Athleten sind selber dafür verantwortlich, ihre persönliche FIS-Lizenz durch den eigenen nationalen Skiverband zu beantragen.

Jeder nationale Skiverband wird dann die Lizenzen beantragen, welche widerum von der FIS gewährt werden.

Alle Wettkämpfe während der World Master Games werden nach unseren IMC-Regeln durchgeführt. Die Medaillen für die Sieger in diesen Wettbewerben werden die offiziellen FIS-Medaillen sein!

Ich werde diese Informaton auch im nächsten Newsletter veröffentlichen. In der Zwischenzeit bekommen alle nationalen Mannschaftsführer diese Informationen.

Bei Fragen bzgl. dieses IMC-FIS Arrangements gebe ich gerne Auskunft.

Ich wünsche Euch allen einen schönen Sommer

Viele Grüße, James Lambert, IMC President


Changes to IMC Board
Klaus and Torbjorn Resign
Erkki & Jürgen fill in for now

[Posted June 18] In the IMC meetings last March in Rhupolding, Klaus Günther and Torbjorn Haugen stated that they did not wish to continue on the IMC Board. After some negotiations, they both agreed to continue to serve, Torbjorn as Vice Chairman, Klaus in a special position as ex-chairman. Now, after three months of unpleasant exchanges, Klaus and Torbjorn have requested, by an email message, that their names be removed from the IMC Board listing. The note, from Klaus, read "please take us immediately off the list of IMC board members."

It is with sadness that we remove the names of Klaus and Torbjorn. We had hoped that these two would work with the new administration, sharing the valuable experience that they had gained as Chairman and Vice-Chairman over the years of their service. Notes from Alex Diess, Knut Bjerke and Erkki Ahtiainen all expressed their sadness at this development. We thank Klaus and Torbjorn for their years of service and hope to see both of them as participants and friends at future IMC events.

IMC Chairman James Lambert has asked two new members to fill in the gaps left by the resignation of Klaus and Torbjorn. The two are asked to do very specific tasks: James has asked Erkki Ahtiainen (FIN) to work with Kristof Gaspirc (SLO) in dealing with the organizers of the upcoming World Winter Masters Games (Bled 2010), and he has asked Jürgen Dilger (GER) to deal with the financial situation of the IMC Committee and the brief financial report recently submitted by Klaus Günther

Chairman Lambert hopes to hold an IMC Committee meeting in Einsiedeln in September at which a more permanent resolution can be reached.

Robert Frank (AUT) is Recovering
Robert Frank

On May 5 Richard Klementschitsch wrote:
I am glad to inform you about Robert's state of health. He is home since Tuesday, feeling really good and optimistic, waiting to be allowed to work again. He recovered very well but is still rather weak, but improving from day to day. Last week he did his first bicycle ride of about 20 kilometers and was totally tired afterwards; next week I will start to do some fitness training with him. But most important: he is still the same person mentally – it did not look like that for a couple of weeks in April. Richard.

Priit Päeva (EST) is also Recovering

On May 26, 2009 we received a note from Estonian Master jumper Priit Päeva regarding his injury in Ruhpolding. Priit had trouble with the soft snow on the short outrun and fell. He sent the following message:

"I wish all the best to Robert Frank with his recovery.

"My name is Priit Päeva (42) and I am a member of Estonian Veteran Club . I got myself a very nasty leg injury during free training session on March 2 on the K-50.
"It happened in K-50 stopping area and I broke my left lower leg (shinbone) in many places.
"I had 2 operations and I still walk with crutches and I must have supporting system [right] around my leg max until August." (Photo removed at request of the the sensitivity czar.)

We wish Priit a complete recovery and hope that he will be able to return to the sport that we all love, and and that he can come again to IMC. You can write to him at   Send e-mail now

New on the Masters Web Page

In late April and early May 2009, we have posted several new items on the IMC web pages. These include
The podium pictures are linked from the IMC reports. The links are near the bottom of the report, above the table of medalists. (To see the report, click the year above.)

Summer Jumping for IMC Skiers

Klaus Günther and James Lambert have been negotiating to arrange summer training camps and Summer Grand Prix jumping for masters, possibly in Eiseideln, SWI, possibly elsewhere. We will post the schedule and information when the arrangements are final.

Two Videos for your Pleasure

On April 22, Jason Weller sent out the You-Tube address for a video that he produced using video and still-pictures from Ruhpolding, backed up with rock music.
See it at   [
Watch it now ]

The previous day, James Lambert offered a different You-Tube address, with no description of the content.
See it at  [ Watch it now ]

(I have not seen either of these videos and cannot vouch for them. DW)

Small Hill Competition in Hungary
and invitation from László Molnár

Liebe Sportsfreunde!

Die endliche Form unserer Ausschreibung zur

" II. Wohltätigkeitspokal für Gábor Marosvölgyi"
ist fertig geworden. Gábor Marosvölgyi ist 36 Jahre alt, war früher auch Skispringer, aber am Anfang der '90-er Jahren hatte er ein Umfall bekommen beim COC im Slovakei ( Strebski Pleso K-90 ), er wurde Invalede und lebt im Rollstuhl.

Mit dem Veranstaltung dieses Wettbewerbs möchten wir für ihn helfen mit dem Einkommens der Eintrittskarte.

Am vorigen Tag ( Samstag am 16. 05.2009. ) sind verschiedene, interessante Programme auf dem Hauptplatz von Koszeg veranstaltet, zB. Tanzgruppen, Musicgruppen, Kochen und Kosten …, am Abend mit einem Rocktheater-Operettmusical(20.00-21.30 Uhr), und Feuerwerk(21.30 Uhr), Stassenfest mit lifemusik (ab 21.45 Uhr). Auf diese Programme seid ihr auch recht herzlich eingeladen.

Ich warte eure Vormeldungen wegen Unterkunftmöglichkeiten, weil um dieser Zeit sind die Pensions und Hotels schon ausgebucht, und wir müssen schnell unsere Zimmer reservieren.

Zimmer könnte Ihr selbe auch reservieren:

Herzliche Grüsse

László Molnár
János Szilágyi         [ See invitation (335 kb pdf) ]

Recovery Report
on Skiers Injured at IMC

After IMC 2009, many of us were concerned about the health of skiers injured in falls on the jumps. Alan Jones fell hard and was carried away in the helicopter, but we all saw him later looking quite good. We have tried to find out who else might still be recovering, and the only one we know about is Robert Frank of Austria.   Please submit any other recovery reports.
Robert Frank hit his head so doctors were concerned about injuries to his spine and his brain. Here are two reports from Robert's friend Richard Klementschitsch in Salzburg.

March 13, 2009

Robert is recovering step by step, but they let him wake up very, very slowly. The reason is that his brain is still a little bit swollen and they don’t want to run any risk. But he is not sleeping so deeply any more and he is already very active – that means that he moves a lot and shows reactions to all questions and information by pressing hands. He also was not very happy when they cut off his famous beard and he tried to avoid this with all means he had.

So at the moment we are in a state of optimistic waiting – probably I can see him today (Friday) for the first time. Alex Diess already visited him last Sunday and also he thinks that Robert will be ok in a couple of weeks.

Of course I will inform you when there are further steps on the stairway of recovering!

I do not know about the other people who were hurt, except Sepp Hauser, who had the last helicopter ride on Friday afternoon. I heard on Saturday, that he is ok, but has to check his spine again to be sure that nothing is broken – but this also might be a rumour.


April 3, 2009

It is a pleasure for me to inform you that Robert is recovering more and more. This week he made his first steps, the movement and coordination of arms, hands and legs is getting better from day to day. Also he is now normally eating and needs no further infusions. Alex and I visit him very often in hospital and our feeling is better and better.
Of course he is still confused, but the funny stories he tells are becoming clearer in small steps. Nevertheless there will be still a long period of recovering, I think.

I will send you further informations from time to time!   Richard

We wish Robert the best in his further recovery!


Minutes posted for the 2009 Annual Meeting in Ruhpolding.

New IMC Officers Elected

The Annual Meeting of the IMC Committee was held during IMC 2009 in Ruhpolding, GER. [ Read the minutes of the meeting.] At that meeting (actually two meetings) elections were held to choose IMC officers. Chairman Klaus Günther announced his intention to step down as Chairman after serving in that capacity for five years. In the second IMC Committee meeting, called for the purpose of holding elections, the following board of officers was accepted by acclamation:

James Lambert, president; Torborn Haugen; Vice president, Klaus Günther, Special Advisor; Kristof Gaspirc, special contact for "Bled 2010" (a one year position).

In the days following the 2009 IMC, Lambert named his entire work group, which he announced formally in a newsletter dated March 2009.   [ Read the Newsletter  (480 kb pdf) ]

IMC Board
  • James Lambert - IMC president
  • Torborn Haugen - Vice president
  • Klaus Günther - IMC Advisor
  • Kristof Gaspirc - TD Ski Jumping "Bled 2010"
IMC Delegates
  • Alexander Diess - TD ski jumping
  • Guttorm Bakke - TD Ski Jumping Advisor conditions and safety
  • Erkki Ahtiainen – TD Nordic Combined and Competitions
Technical and Organization
  • Don West - Web Master
  • Jason Weller - Organization and communication

2009 IMC Report Posted
(more than you might think)

(March 19) I have been home for about a week now and have spent most of that time researching, writing, editing photos and preparing eleven web pages that now comprise a complete report on the recently finished IMC in Ruhpolding. Enjoy! Don West

You can access the following pages: We also offer five results pages: and four pages of podium pictures: On the website of the data processing service that procuced the original results, you can access the following six sets of results, in six .pdf files: You can also find many pictures from IMC-XX at the web site of Masters jumping fan Manuela Steinki.


See Older IMC News (2008-09)  (Archived)

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