Fall & Winter 2013 News Updates on
International Masters Ski Jumping
from Manuela Steinki, Stein Arne Hoel & Klaus Günther
(and other sources)
updated May 22, 2014

May 22 -- An Update from the IMC Board

Dear Team Captains,

The IMC Board wants to thank you very much for your e-mails and proposals concerning our request to change and update the rules as well as to find a host for the next championships.

A special big thank you goes to Norway and Finland for their extensive explanations and good advice. Furthermore we thank the responsible persons of Czech Republic for their engagement to help and support the IMC – and all other team captains who got in touch with us.

We are happy to receive the Swedish proposal of Solleftea as a host for the Championships in 2015. This adds to the other candidates: Villach and Planica.

Concerning the update of the rules, the team captains have different opinions.

The main points were the age deadline of the Masters, the age and hill size (K 60 / K 40) for the Nordic Combined as well as the cross country distances for the age groups.

We came to the conclusion that we cannot perform a changing of the rules in this way! Therefore we propose to discuss and decide about these topics during the annual meeting.

We hope that many team captains will come to Villach in September so that we there can do some preparatory work for the annual meeting all together.

Concerning the ladies we did not get any feedback from the team captains. Therefore we suppose that you agree with our proposal. We hope that Villach / Alexander Diess will include the ladies in the invitation for the summer event. Alex Dieß informed us that the announcement & invitation will soon be ready and published.

Kind regards,
The IMC-Board
Klaus, Stein and Manuela

May 5 -- A Report on the Webmaster's Health

In the 17 years that I have maintained these pages, I have tried to avoid posting personal items, but now this seems to be the best way to keep my ski friends all over the world up to date on my condition and the progress of my cancer. Please indulge me.
I have posted a brief report on my Professor page at the College giving the most current information as well as a brief history of my dealing with cancer. Please pass the information and the link along to others who might be interested but who are less likely to have come here and found it.     Thank you -- Don West, May 5, 2014

By the way, as of May 5, we have no person stepping up with an interest in continuing to maintain these pages. Please someone take over. There is no time to waste!

May 15 -- GOOD NEWS! We have three volunteers to try to take over the three parts of the web site. We hope that these three will work well together and will maintain their enthusiam for a number of years.

April 2 -- Early IMC Results Posted

As the winter jumping season was winding down, we took a look back at the IMC reports posted here for every IMC from the beginning in 1990 in Lake Placid to this year's rain-out in Rasnov, and we noticed that in some of them, the links to the results no longer worked. This was because we followed the practice of linking to results on the event web site rather than posting them here on the Masters web site. That was a mistake -- most of these event web sites are gone. And sometime we made a second mistake that left us in trouble -- we failed to download and save a few of the posted results.

We have just spent two weeks correcting the situation when it was possible and then going back and making all-new results pages for IMC 1990-1997. The Big Results Archive These first eight years involved scanning paper copies of the results into digital image form (almost 250 pages scanned in all). Fortunately we had archived paper results of all IMC from 1990 on, and all U.S. National Masters Championships from 1982 on, in two giant notebooks (3-ring binders). The book at the right holds all of these results up to 1999 and a second, smaller book has results from the new millenium.

The digital images of score sheets were extensively edited in Photoshop, sometimes cut into pieces, sometimes joined together but always cleaned up and sometimes even laboriosly corrected. Finally 36 new results pages were created to display over 260 edited images. There are a couple of years for which we could not find results, and there are a few pages missing in the posted results. Sorry!

We have also added stats tables to several IMC Reports listing the nations that participated and telling the number of skier and medals for each nation, and also giving the number of competitors in each age group for each competition. Finally, in the top IMC Results page we have added a "Watch Us Grow" table, covering the first 24 years of IMC and listing the team size for each participating nation at each IMC.

We hope that many of you will enjoy looking back through these old results, seeing who was there and who was not, and reading how your friends did in those early IMC. The results for an IMC are always linked from the IMC report for that year. You might start at IMC 1990 in Lake Placid or with the IMC Reports Directory.

Feb 27 -- Report on the cancelled IMC in Rasnov

We have posted a very brief report on the cancelled 2014 IMC scheduled for Rasnov, Romania. It includes two pictures of the jumps and two of the scenic citadel that overlooks the town. Take a look.

Jan 22 -- Official Cancellation Notice from Rasnov

We have received an official letter from Puiu Gaspar, General Secretary of the Romanian Ski and Biathlon Federation, confirming the cancellation of the 2014 IMC scheduled for Rasnov, ROM, Jan 28 - Feb 1.

The letter is a .pdf document and is unfortunately rotated 90 degrees, making it inconvenient to read. See it now.

Jan 17 -- 2014 IMC in Rasnov is Cancelled!

Manuela Steinki writes:

The IMC Championships in Rasnov are cancelled!

Due to the bad snow conditions and the high temperatures, the IMC Championships in Rasnov are cancelled.

All responsible persons are very sad and ask for your understanding!

All registered persons will get a written Information about the cancellation. We hope that the travel cancellation insurance will accept this sheet and you get some money back.

Here is a picture from Constantin in Rasnov. It tells the whole sad story. DW

Rasnov Jumps

Jan 15 -- Bad News From Rasnov

Manuela and Klaus tell us that Europe has had no cold weather and that the Rasnov organizers are finding it impossible to prepare the jumps for IMC in time for Jan 26 start. Team leaders have been asked for suggestions. We have heard most commonly about moving the event later in the season or moving it to summer. This is bad for skiers who have already bought plane tickets. Lately someone suggested dropping the big hill event and concetrate on getting snow on the two smaller jumps to be run at the original dates. The decision will be made soon.

Jan 11 -- Transportation offer‏ in Rasnov

Dear Masters Ski Friends,

Here is an offer for transportation.


1. Van of 8 places - 0,44 eur/km (44 eur/100km) - gas and driver NOT included

2. Small car of 4 places - 0,35 eur/km (35 eur/100km) - gas and driver NOT included

3. Bus Bucharest airport - Rasnov - driver included, gas NOT included:
- 70 places bus - price 551 euros
- 45 places bus - price 440 euros
- 32 places bus - price 358 euros
- 20 places bus - price 248 euros
- 8 places bus - price 137 euros

Upon this offer, you can request transportation on our address officesjrasnov@yahoo.com.

You can check some photos of the cars here: http://paultransport.ro/flota-masini/

For your information:

The rate of romanian money (LEI or RON) : 1 eur = 4,5 RON or 10 eur = 45 RON or 1 RON = 0,45 eur

You can find many cash dispenser in Romania, and you can take out RON.
At some hotels you can pay with card.
In Rasnov there are about 4 different Banks where you can exchange money into RON.

Don't forget, tomorrow 12 January is the last date to send the entries !

Keep in touch!

Race Office Secretary
Sasha Spulber

Dec 30 -- Good IMC News from Klaus Günther

As part of a Christmas note, Klaus passed on information about upcoming IMC.

"I think the IMC is good again strengthened.
The new board has worked a lot.
We have invitations to Einsiedeln, Öskelsvik. Planica
and Villach. It's fantastic and we hope it is a great way for the IMC.
What we need is a successful event in Rasnov with many nations."

Oct 26 -- Invitation & Information for IMC 2104

The organizers of the 2014 IMC in Rasnov have distributed five documents relating to the IMC: Invitation, Program, Entry Form, Accommodation and Visa Information.
Here is the cover note:

Dear Sport friends

Please find enclosed invitation for the International Masters Championships which will be held in Rasnov, Romania between January 26 - February 2nd, 2014.
Also you will find necessary entry form and entry visa for those who are necessary and most important information about accommodation.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards Constantin ANDREI     [ constantin.andrei@frschibiatlon.ro ]

Oct 31 -- We have added an ENTRY FORM IN MS-WORD FORMAT. This you can fill out on your computer and either print and mail, or send by e-mail to Rasnov. It is in .doc format (not .docx) and so it should open even in older versions of MS-Word. You may have to click 'enable editing' to fill out the form.

See any or all of the six:


Aug 26 -- Rasnov Romania, host for IMC 2104

From Klaus Günther

We all are welcome in Rasnov from 26 January to 02 February 2014.

Entry fee is € 25.00 per participant per competition. The Vice-president of the Romanian Ski Association Paul Ganzenhuber wants to be our TD, for free. We can train already from Saturday, the ski jumping hills will be prepared. Kostel Andrei will make us the invitation by end of September including accommodations and hotels.

Unfortunately, in Rasnov there are only inns, but 20 km away there is a large winter resort (Predeal) with many hotels, where you can also book large groups. Marcel Fratila from Romanian Ski Association will suggest hotels and also organize a shuttle bus if it is necessary if we have large groups. He would me give offers from the locations in the next few days.

The invitation is like every year -- I think the official dates should be enough at the moment to organize your flights and your vacation days in 2014.

Rasnov offers us an absolutely new ski jumping arena with Ski jumping hills K-95, K-65, K-35, K-15 and lift. K-95 and K-65 have new inruns with ice track. All the jumping hills also have new plastic for summer training. The first opening jump was February 2013.

Directly behind the outrun is the biathlon and cross-country skiing. Alternative option for cross-country skiing is 20 km away in Predeal.

The Romanian Ski Association will do everything to provide us secure games and we, the IMC, hope that the whole IMC family meets in Rasnov and also a little bit to show the history of ski jumping and cross-country skiing.

Kind regards

Klaus (in order of Manuela and Stein)


July 31 -- Rasnov is candidate to host IMC 2104

National Representatives -- please vote by Aug. 1

From Klaus Günther

Dear master friends,

Since April we are looking for hosts for 2014, Except Villach we got only rejections.
Unfortunately, the only host Villach is booked in January and March. Now we have found Rasnov, possibly our last chance.
Rasnov in Romania would like to be hosts for 2014. They have a completely new facility.
The IMC board has contact with Paul Ganzenhuber, vice president of the Romanian Ski Association and the Mayor of Rasnov. Both want to help us to bring the games to Rasnov. Tomorrow is the decision yes or no. Because our Russian friends for Olympia Master can not attend, we have proposed the January or March..It is becoming apparent that Rasnov the IMC would like to perform only in February,

The mayor justifies this with lack of snow in January and March.

What is your suggestion, since you agree with February? Please respond quickly, We would like to know your opinion for tomorrow [by Aug. 1 --ed.]

Best regards,     Klaus, Manuela and Stein

Note -- By an unlikely coincidence, we are dealing with two host towns with almost the same name. This year's Summer Grand Prix will be in Roznov, CZE, and the committee must decide whether Rasnov, ROM, will be the host city for IMC 2014. Notice the slight difference in spelling.   DCW


Four Items about Summer Grand Prix

Jan Pavlica has distributed information about the 2013 IMC Summer Grand Prix in Roznov, CZE, September 4-7. Here are links to the four .pdf files:

May 9 -- Four Items from Manuela and the Board

Manuela Steinki has distributed four items in four .pdf files, two are general IMC News (English & German) and two are information regarding the 2013 IMC Summer Grand Prix to be held in Roznov, CZE, September 4-7, 2013.



Mar 29 -- Final IMC Podium Pictures Posted

We have added the last podium pictures to the IMC report.
A big THANK YOU to Manuela Steinki for posting thousands of pictures from IMC 2013 on her Facebook page. Almost all of our pictures come from there. Thanks M.

Mar 25 -- IMC Full Report Posted

We have posted a full report with complete results from IMC 2013 in Chaikovsky RUS. The pages of podium pictures are only about half complete. We hope to get the missing podium photos soon so we can complete those pages. In the report you can find statistics, a medal table, and links to results, to podium photos, and to a complete listing of the competitors and their placements. [ Go there now.]

Mar 24 -- Masters Training in Einsiedeln SWI

Ralf Schnyder has distributed an invitation and schedule for a Masters Training Opportunity in Einsiedeln Switzerand. The dates given in the schedule are May 18-20 but the days and dates don't agree and don't make sense**. The rest of the information is probably correct.

[ Read the schedule now.]
**Manuela says that the training runs from Friday to Sunday, May 17-19.
It looks like a simple error editing last year's schedule. DW


Feb 20 -- IMC Transportation Prices Posted

The Organizing Committee (OC) of the 2013 IMC in Chaikovsky RUS has sent more information regarding local transportation from airports, etc.

We want to inform you that cost for transfer from Perm to Chaikovsky is 20 EUR/ 800 RUR per person and price is the same for transfer back. Total way to and from Chaikovsky costs 40 EUR or 1600 RUR per person.
We ask you to raise money from members of your Teams and give them to OC in Chaikovsky (to Aleksandr Postanogov or Yuliya Saytarova).
Payment for transfer is possible only by cash and it would be better if it will be in RUR.


Feb 7 -- More New IMC Information Posted

The Organizing Committee (OC) of the 2013 IMC in Chaikovsky RUS has sent two new .pdf documents:

A new schedule (44 kb) with the note "Subject to change" (Yes, skiing is an outdoor sport)

New information about flights to Perm (121 kb) with the note
"Transfer from Perm Airport will be provided on the teams’ requests at their expense. A taxi, a micro bus and a coach are available. Transfer price is 20 EUR (800 RUR) per person for way to Chaikovsky and 20 EUR (800 RUR) per person – from Chaikovsky. Please be ready to pay for transfer at bus stop."


Jan 18 -- New IMC Information Posted

Here is the text of an email from the Organizing Committee (OC) of the 2013 IMC:

"IMC will be held in Chaikovsky, Perm region from 2 to 9 March 2013. Today OC has entry forms from 8 countries; they are Russia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland and the USA.

"Russia, as the host country, represented the largest number of participants. The second largest Team is from Norway. This country will have 38 athletes. Finnish four-time Olympic champion Matti Nyukanen will also take part in IMC 2013 as athlete.

"Also OC want to share new Official Invitation and notice that every participant or Team should book hotel by themselves. They should connect with hotels directly. For organizing transfer participants should inform OC about times of their flights and places of accommodation.

"Information about accommodation is in special file.

"Also we send common list of participants who sent us their official entry forms.

"All information about IMC 2013 Chaikovsky is also at IMC page in Facebook"

See the new invitation (3.4 mb) or the separate information about accommodations. The list of participants was an Excel spreadsheet which we have converted into two easy-to-read text files, one sorted by age [ see it now.] and the other sorted by nation, [ see it now.] See which of your friends will be in Chaykowski and what events they will ski.



IMC Summer Grand Prix Report & Results

Complete results of the Summer Grand Prix hosted in the Czech Republic in September 2012 are posted, along with a brief report and a complete list of competitors.
Start with the report which has links at the bottom to the other pages. Enjoy!



IMC 2013 Invitation is Posted

On October 23 James Lambert distributed the invitation to the 2013 IMC that will be held in Chaykovski, Russia, March 2-9. The invitation is a Microsoft Word document and includes an individual entry form which can be filled out and returned my email to the address in the invitation.
See the invitation.



From Erkki Ahtiainen, August 6
Masters Summer Grand Prix -- Change of Host

Hello !

Unfortunately we didn´t got anykind resonoable offer from Zakopane, and it´s same situation whit Szczyrk.
So we had made an decision to change this years summer grand prix to ROZNOV AND FRENSTAT in Czech.
James has been contacting people in there, and they are ready to organise our weekend.
The days are just same 28-30.9.

We are really sorry about this, but it was totally impossible to organise it in Zakopane.
They asked 4325 € just for using the hills, so hope you all understand that situation no better.
If we go there training fees would be atleast 30 €, and entry fees 60 €/ competition.
Now trainig days will be 10 €, and entry fees 20 € in Roznov and Frenstat

And if somebody has already booked a flight to Krakov, that`s not a problem. From Krakov there is about 2,5 hour drive to Roznov, and foreaxample from Prague it´s more than 3 hours.

James will operate the invitation whit the organisation, and we will send it out us soon us possible.

So lets start to prepare to go to Czech, and have a nice weekend in there.
In Frenstat there are K95 hill and in Roznov K70 and K38. Distance between these palces is 11 km.

Best regards and nice week to all !

Erkki Ahtiainen


Vladimir Kalinin
Vladimir Kalinin, Russian IMC Jumper  

One of the most experienced Russian Masters in skijumping, multi-champion in his age group Vladimir Kalinin passed away on May 31th in Sankt-Petersburg at the age of 65 years.
Our masters team will miss him forever.

from Alexandr Postanogov

From James Lambert, April 28
Masters Summer Grand Prix -- Sept. 29-30, 2012
Summer IMC 2012 will be held in Zakopane, Poland Sept. 29-30.
See changes above.

There will also be a Team Captains meeting to elect the new President IMC Board.
Countries not present can send their votes and suggestions ahead of the event.


From Aleksandr Postanogov
IMC Dates and Other Information
The IMC World Championships for 2013, will be held in Chaikovsky, Perm region, Russia. The dates will be 2th to 9th, or 3th to 10th March 2013.
Ski Jumping competitions will take place on the «Snezhinka» jumping hills complex. Cross country race for Nordic combined will be held on the track in biathlon complex 2km from a jumping complex.
IMC 2013 is organized for all categories in four jumping hills K40, K65 and K95. The jumpinghill K20 is also ready.
The competition in Nordic combined is for categories 30-49 in the hill K65 and for categories 50 and older in the hill K40. In results, only the first jump.

There will be more information soon.

Aleksandr Postanogov
Web Page: www.tramplin.perm.ru
E-mail: imc2013rus@gmail.com


2012 IMC Report Posted
We have posted a
report on the 2012 IMC in Szczyrk, Poland,
with links to complete results and four pages of podium pictures.


Complete IMC Results Are Now Posted
See Event Web Site   (much of it in Polish)  


New IMC Schedule from Erkki and James

IMC Team Captains and Athletes

As most are already aware, I will not be at the 2012 IMC World Championships due to recent birth of my little boy.
Our Vice president Erkki will take my role as president, closely supported from our IMC Manager Alex Winterhalder info@imc-nordic.com. Please, give them all the support they need and help make this another great World Championships for the Masters IMC.
Attached to this email is a newly made schedule. [ See it now.] The schedule is calculated by Erkki. Please, feel free to contact him at vice.president@imc-nordic.com if you should have any questions.
I wish all nations and athletes the best of fun, and look forward to seeing you all at the 2012 Summer event which will be posted on our websites when the decision is final.

best wishes

James Lambert IMC President

The dates for IMC 2012 are March 5-10.
IMC 2012: Invitation and Entry Form
Previously posted: Schedule, Accommodations, & More  

TATRA SPORT Logo (Nov 4) We have posted the Invitation and Entry Form for IMC 2012 in Szczyrk, POL. from Agnieszka Baczkowska of TATRA SPORT. We had previously posted (Oct 28) the week's schedule (137 kb), suggested accommodations (707 kb), and a brief report on a site visit by Ake and Erkki (390 kb).

Click the links at the right to see The Official Invitation  or  The Entry Form
or click to see List of Accommodations  or  IMC Schedule  or  Site Visit.

Results of Summer Jumping in Einsiedeln SWI      

Ralf Schnyder has distributed results of the Summer Grand Prix Jumping in Einsiedeln SWI August 12-14. We see that 56 skiers from 10 nations took part, including 3 ladies from Austria and 6 guests in the 20-29 age group. (See team sizes in the table at right.) All but 12 of the skiers competed in two events. Notable participants included the father and son duo Richard and Alex Diess of Austria, Sindre Helland who has attended every IMC and every SGP, and organizer Ralf Schnyder who found the time to jump, in between his organizing duties. We are pleased to see that Alex Diess has recovered from his injury.  [ See Results.]

AUT   12

CZE    1

GBR    3

GER    4

NOR   12

RUS    8

SLO    4

SUI    9

SWE    1

UKR    2

James Lambert adds: The oldest jumper was Richard Diess (AUT) 78 years old. The National Swiss TV were there to film his jumps.
This was the first IMC European championships which we held together with the FIS summer Grand Prix. FIS Race director Walter Hofer, attended the IMC Prize giving Ceremony. Then most of the IMC stayed to watch the FIS event the next day.
I am somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of excited feedback I have received from people. It was a very successful event with lots of happy jumpers and IMC supporters.
Regards, James

Masters training weekend, Sept 23-25 in Tallinn, Estonia

Magnus Vaht writes that there will be Masters training on the weekend of the Estonian Masters and youth Championships in ski jumping and nordic combined. "Of course it would be nice to see you all in competitions."

Friday 23th September
11:00-13:00 and 16:00-18:00 training for all hills

Saturday 24th September
10:00-12:00 and 16:00-18:00 training for all hills

Sunday 25th September
10:00-12:00 training for all hills

We have K18 K25 and K50 hills in Tallinn.

This training weekend available to all Masters, from all nations.
Welcome to Estonia

Best regards, Magnus Vaht
E-mail: vaht.magnus@gmail.com     [
Send e-mail now.]


Summer Jumping in Einsiedeln SWI -- Complete Information

James Lambert has passed along the invitation, schedule, and entry form from Ralf Schnyder for the summer jumping in Einsiedeln SWI August 12-14, with the following messge:

Dear IMC Teams, Friends and Colleagues

It's getting close to the up-coming IMC-European Ski Jumping Championships, August 2011 in Einsiedeln Switzerland. This event is going to be bigger than ever now that we sharing the event with FIS Summer Grand Prix.

Attached is our IMC Registration form. Einsiedeln will be fully packed with athletes, fans, Media etc... so make any necessary bookings as soon as possible.

Most of the content in the three documents is in both German and English.


Bob Hein (1992 photo)  
Bob Hein, USA (1922-2011)

One of our IMC friends has left us. We have received the sad news of the death on Thursday, May 19 of U.S. Master jumper Bob Hein. Bob competed in the very first IMC in 1990 and continued as a regular competitor in the oldest classes for about 15 years. [ See more.]



2011 Summer Jumping in Einsiedeln SWI
Mark your calendar for training and SGP
The snow hasn't melted yet from the landing hills but already plans and schedules are out for Masters jumping during the coming summer. Ralf Schnyder has distributed an invitation to the competitions in . In addition, he has reserved the jumps for Masters training on May 20-22. See the Invitation (55 kb Word doc in German).


2011 IMC Report Posted
We have posted a report on the recently completed IMC in Harrachov, with information sent by Erkki Ahtiainen and Aatto Lamminpaa. The report contains no current photographs, but we hope to add a few picture in a week or two as our friend Manuala has promised to provide pictures. Thanks 'M'. With a complete list of medalists in the report, we have removed the two-event medalist listings that previously appeared below. [ See Report.]


2011 IMC Results Now Complete
The IMC organizers have posted results for K-70, 40, 90, Team Jump, and N.C. on the event web site. The results can be a bit difficult to deal with -- the results for each competition (8 to 12 .pdf files, one for each age group) are packed into a very large zip file. So far they have posted 5 such zip files, and later they posted the missing age group in Nordic Combined (45-49).
We have converted all five zip files into quick to load, easy to read html files, one for each event (later we added the missing NC class) Heike Horack kindly sent us a photo-copy of the K-26 jump results, and later Erkki Ahtiainen did the same with the Nordic Combined Team Relay results. Thanks Heike and Erkki. We have now posted these two, which should make our results complete. Here is a list of files available:

The IMC report has a complete listing of medalists, so the
partial listing that once appeared here has been removed. (DCW)

James Lambert is Stopped at Holmenkollen

James Lambert's Marvelous Adventure in Oslo

IMC Chairman James Lambert told us (see below) that he would be the lone jumper from Great Britain at the World Nordic Ski Championships this year in Oslo, but when we searched the results on the FIS web site, we couldn't find his name. What we didn't know was the James was entered not in the special jumping but in the Nordic Combined events. The first two events are finished, the small hill (NH) events on the newly rebuilt HS-106 Midstubakken jump just below the Holmenkollen, and James does indeed appear in the event page and the results page. We assumed that he would go on to the the big hill, the new HS-134 Holmenkollen jump, but not so. Here is the news report published in various sources.

British jumper Lambert stopped at Nordic worlds

Oslo - Briton James Lambert was denied entry into Wednesday's Nordic combined large hill competition at the world championships for safety reasons by the ruling body FIS.

Lambert, at 45 the oldest athlete at the Oslo championships, had aimed to better the British ski-jumping record of 93 metres - held by 'Eddie the Eagle' Michael Edwards.**

But the FIS ruled safety first and stopped Lambert after short training jumps on Tuesday at the Holmenkollen hill.

The decision also came in the wake of Saturday's normal hill event where Lambert's result of 57 metres had to be estimated because electronic measuring did not cover such a short jump. He was then taken out of cross-country portion after being lapped.

So it appears that James's Oslo adventure is finished. We hope that he had fun.    

** The article above (the blue text) appeared in various places, but James says that it contains an error. He points out that the 93 meter British distance record was his own, set at the IMC summer grand prix in Einsiedeln 2009. Sorry, James, for propagating the error.

James is Headed to the Big Show!

IMC Chairman James Lambert tells us that he has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. James will represent Great Britain at the World Championships at Holmenkollen.
James writes:
Just to let you all know that the British Ski Federation has entered me for the upcoming FIS World Championships in Oslo http://www.oslo2011.no/en/ Of course this means my full focus will be on training for the next month.
I have spoken with our Vice president Erkki Ahtianen this afternoon. Erkki will be taking over the leadership whilst I am away. Please continue to give Erkki your full support and I will see you in Harrachov 2011.
We wish James all the best in this adventure. Have fun!

Invitation to IMC 2011 in Harrachov

We have posted the official invitation to the 2011 IMC in Harrachov CZ. The invitation, in English only, includes the schedule, the hill sizes and cross-country information, entry fees, and the organizing committee. The invitation does not include entry forms. We have posted the invitation in two forms:
[ WORD Document  (.doc, 296 kb) ]           [ Simple Text File  (.txt, 5 kb) ]


Taisto Tolvanen (1947-2010)
One of our IMC friends has left us. We have received the sad news of the death on Tuesday, November 12 of Taisto Tolvanen of Finland. Taisto was a regular on the podium at IMC from 1995 in Zakopane to 2008 in Taivalkoski, taking a total of 13 IMC medals and making many friends along the way. Taisto struggled with health problems for the last two years, including cancer which spread to his lungs and caused his death. The funeral is planned for December 4. Taisto's daughter, Sanna Paajanen, ended her note with the words "... life has to go on. Fortunately dad had a chance to see his little [4 month old] granddaughter before left to heaven's ski jumping hills."
You can contact Sanna Paajanen now at Taisto's e-mail address. (This e-mail address should be valid for a while.) Letters or cards to Taisto's wife, Riitta Tolvanen, or to his daughter, Sanna Paajanen, may be addressed to
Vehkaraitti 6
50170 Mikkeli  
Three images of Taisto Tolvanen

-- Report --
Harrachov Site Visit by Errki and Åke
(received from Erkki Ahtiainen on October 25, 2010)

Hello everybody !

We did a nice trip to Harrachov with Åke Saloniemi last week.
We had a good meeting with the organizers, and we also checked the hills and cross country tracks.
Everything seems to be in order. People there have a very good attitude to do us a nice happening in March.

Something about the hills:
K90 is totally in same condition than it was in 2002, it is old but it has a good profile.
K70 will be very interesting. They have taken away the old tower and the inrun is totally in the ground. Inrun is 85 meter long, and 25 degrees !!!
So maybe we had to put some coffee bar in the middle of the inrun, that we are not going to sleep before take off ; -)).
Seriosly it will be interesting -- it´s like the old Bishoshofen jump. But they also said that you can land safely even at 30 meters, so I feel that it will be guite easy to come down, but maybe a little challenging to jump long. In K40 they are making a new profile into the inrun.
All inruns of course have track making machines. And they have now much better capacity to make snow in all hills.

The lift is same old, and its not very nice, but I think we will manage with it. Cross country tracks will be in a stadium which is just between of our hills and ski flying hills. They are making for us 1 and 2 km tracks. So all places are really near each other, and also the hotels are just 300-500 meters away from the hills. That means that we don´t need car`s for moving from hotel to hills etc.
Organisation promise that they will open the official web side before end of November, and there will be also the invitation.
They are going to be busy with 2 World Cup competitions and one Continental Cup competition in December and start of January, so they hope that we masters are not going to "bomb" them very much with our questons before 15.1.2011.
If teams have some questons, please contact me or Åke.

I think this is all at this time. I wish you all very nice waiting for snow and winter.

Erkki Ahtiainen
Vice President

2010 Summer Grand Prix Results
Villach AUT, 23-26 September 2010

We have received and posted results from the Masters Summer Grand Prix in Villach, Austria. The lists show that 56 jumpers from seven nations participated: 29 on the 30 meter jump, 43 on the 60 m, and 17 in Nordic combined. We see many familiar names and a welcome sprinkling of new participants. (We hope that someone will submit a brief article describing the event.)

            See the results now:

Czech Team Trainer Pavel Mikeska has shared a large collection of flight photos from Villach, and our friend Manuela Steinke has posted the 60 meter picture on her web site. Thank you, Pavel and Manuela.   [ See the pictures now.]

James Lambert on month-long break
Winterhalder and Weller will fill in during October

IMC Committee President James Lambert has imformed us that he will take a one month leave from ski jumping and from IMC duties during October 2010, and that Alex Winterhalder and Jason Weller have agreed to assume his administrative duties during that time. Here is James's full message, dated September 28:

Hello Members of the Board and Team Captains,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for coming to Villach, it was a pleasure to meet up and talk to you all, and I look forward to meeting up with you all again in Harrachov.

As you are aware the organising and scheduling of an event of this scale is exciting, but can be quite tiring, leaving little time with your loved one´s, and little time to train especially during the competition week. I have had the wonderful position of President for almost 2 years, and I have enjoyed every moment, but I have certain targets I would still like to reach with my ski jumping, and also it is only fair to spend some important time with my family & friends, these are the people who have not only supported me throughout, but have also gone without so that I could give 100% to ski jumping and the IMC, and so I have decided for this reason to take a 4 week break from ski jumping and to sit back and rethink my position as President of IMC.

For the duration of my absence any questions or queries can be passed onto other members of the board and/or my Team Colleagues Alex Winterhalder (alex.winterhalder@googlemail.com) & Jason Weller ( british_imc_team@yahoo.co.uk) , who have both declared their willingness together to make sure I have a ski jumping free space to recharge my batteries.

I thank you all for the support you have given me since I became President of the IMC, and for giving me this time to rest

Best Regards

James Lambert

We wish James a restful and productive break, and look forward to seeing him again,refreshed and energetic, in Harrachov.

Summer Jump and NC in Köszeg, Hungary

Our friend Laszlo Molnar has written from Hungary, announcing an age-group competition for children and Old Boys (Masters) in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined on October 16 & 17 in Köszeg, Hungary. Here is Laszlo's message in German:

Sehr geehrte Sportsfreunde und Mannschaftsführer!

Ich möchte Sie noch einmal auf unsere Wettkampf (Skispringen, Skiroller) in Köszeg aufmerksam machen, die Auschreibung steht im Anhang. Die Vormeldeschluss ist bis 17. 09. 2010. , und es ist wichtig wegen Unterkunftmöglichkeiten. Ich bitte Sie, wenn Sie den Teilnehmen planen, dann schreiben Sie uns die Folgenden: ca. Personenzahl, Tag der Anreise und der Abreise , und was für Zimmer Sie brauchen.

Es ist wichtig! Für jede Skisprung Mannschaft bieten wir für 8+1 Personen Unterkunft gratis (am Freitag, 15.10.2010.) mit Frühstück und Mittagessen ( am Sammstag). Teilnehmergebühr ist auch GRATIS! Andere Kosten können wir nicht übernehmen.

Wir warten herzlich ihren Antwort!

Molnár László

With his e-mail, Molnar attached seven .pdf documents, of which we have posted one, the invitation in English. [ See it now.] For more information, contact Laszlo Molnar by email or phone at the address or number listed above.

Summer Grand Prix Information

Come to Villach 23-26 September 2010

Big Hill Jumping on Kranj 108 m During SGP

On August 5, James Lambert wrote:

We have quite a few athletes who want to jump the 108m in Kranj SLO on Wednesday before the competition.
please ask your athletes if they would like to join the competition and let me know soon as possible. We need to make sure we have enough competitors for a competition.
I have copied some potential competitors in this email.
I must also check with Villach hosts for 2010 to make sure this competition is not in anyway conflicting with Villach event.... so please note that the competition in Kranj remains tentative. ( not yet official ) !!!

kind regards, James Lambert IMC President

We have posted four files received
on July 27 from Gottfried Müller in Villach:

** I cannot open & view the .pdf on my Adobe Reader, and
my system objects to the Macros in the .doc files. (DCW)

Accommodations (rooms) can be reserved by Mister Smoliner Franz
(Chief of the Villacher Alpenarena) for the IMC- Summer Grand Prix in Villach.
E-Mail: office@villacheralpenarena.at [ Send e-mail now.]

June 11, 2010
Hi Team Captains

We have posted the Official invitation for IMC SGP for 2010 to be hosted in Villach Austria.
As we all agreed in the yearly meeting in Bled. All information is sent to Team Captains.... So, please read the invitation carefully and pass important information such as ( insurance, participation criterea ) down to your teams.
I would like to thank the Hosts at Villach for the invite and we are looking forward to yet another great summer event.
best wishes

Beigefügt ist die offizielle Einladung für die IMC SGP für das Jahr 2010 in Villach Österreich.
Alle Informationen nur zu die nationale Team Captains geschickt .... Also, bitte die Einladung durch lesen und das wichtige Informationen wie (Versicherung, Beteiligung reglung unsw..) weiter geben an Ihrer Teams.
Ich mochte die Gastgeber in Villach Herzlich bedanken für die Einladung.Wir freuen uns auf ein weiteres großes Ereignis im Sommer.

Vedlagt er den offisielle invitasjonen til IMC SGP for året 2010 i Villach, Østerrike.
All informasjon sendes bare til landslaget kapteinen .... Så, les gjennom invitasjonen og gi alle viktig informasjon videre til ditt lag, for eksempel (forsikring, deltakelse reglern ..)
Jeg takker vertskape i Villach for Einladung.Wir ser frem til en annen stor og hyggelig begivenhet i sommer.

(Russian version removed here -- sorry. DCW)

best wishes
James Lambert, IMC President

2011 IMC to Harrachov, CZE

It is now official !! The IMC world Championships for 2011, will be held in Harrachov,Czechia. The dates will be 7th to 13th March 2011.
As promised, we tried to adjust the dates to push them into February. However, this was simply not possible.
The dates for Villach 2010 Summer GP, will soon be made available too.

Nun ist es offiziell! Die IMC-Weltmeisterschaft für 2011 wird in Harrachov, Tschechien statt.Die Daten werden zwischen 7 und 13. März 2011.
Wie versprochen, haben wir versucht, die Daten anzupassen, um sie in den Februar hinein schieben. Dies war jedoch nicht möglich.
Die Termine für Villach wird in Kürze zu Verfügung gestellt werden.

Det er nå offisielt! The IMC VM i 2011, vil bli holdt i Harrachov, Tsjekkia. Datoene blir 7 til 13 mars 2011.
Som lovet, forsøkte vi å justere for å presse dem inn i februar. Men dette var rett og slett ikke mulig.
Datoene for Villach blir snart gjort tilgjengelig også.

(Our system was not able to deal with James's Russian translation. Sorry. DW)

Best regards,
James Lambert IMC President


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