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Masters Meet in Harrachov

Old Boys -- Still at it, after all these years!

Czech and German Ski Jumpers aged 26-65
compete in Harrachov, CZ, Mar. 25, 2000

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They always told us that Europe had Masters Jumpers, now we know! For years organizers of the International Masters Championships in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined (IMC) have tried to spark interest and attract participation in the (non-Scandinavian) European countries, but letters and inquiries to the national ski associations of these countries have all reached dead ends. Now finally, contact has been made.

Our friend Pete Langlois, who visited Europe several times to watch his son Tad ski in Olympic and World cup competitions, assured us for years that the alpine nations have masters jumpers who are visible as fore-jumpers and volunteers at high level European meets, but we just couldn't make contact. Now we have finally made contact and Pete was right. It started slowly when we found German Master jumper Kurt Brausse. Kurt and friend Klaus Gunther travelled to Rognan, NOR in March 2000 to be the first competitors from down south to join us in a Scandinavian IMC. In Rognan, Kurt and Klaus told us about a Masters meet to be held on a 40 meter jump in Harrachov the very next week. They even passed around a sheet describing the event and listing some of the organizers.

In the spring, I contacted one of the officials listed on the sheet and asked for a copy of the results of the Harrachov competition. After some months of waiting, I have received printed results which are posted here. What you will find are slightly ragged but legible .gif images of three pages, about 45 kb each.

The results pages: Have fun!
Fifty-six competitors, 30 Czechs and 26 from neighboring Germany , travelled to Harrachov for the year-2000 Masters competition. The oldest jumper was our friend Kurt Brausse (age 64) who defeated the youngsters, winning handily in the 51-and-up class. (In fact, compare his score to the top few in the younger 41-50 age group.) Look through the results and see if you can find any familiar names.
Notice the "22." at the top of the result sheet; I assume that the number indicates that this was the twenty-second annual Harrachov Masters Meet -- congratulations and thanks to the organizers for supporting Masters jumping all these years.

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