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Junior Ski Jumping Champions

year    Jr. Champion         Club or          Site of 

                            residence        competition


1908    R. Volkman         Eau Claire WI     Duluth MN

1909    Barney Riley       Coleraine MN      Eau Claire WI

1910    John Munter        Hibbing MN        Coleraine MN

1911    M. Henricksen      Eau Claire WI     Chippewa Falls WI

1912    Frank Olsen        Chicago IL        Cary IL

1913    Ed Mura            Ironwood MI       Ironwood MI

1914    Earl Gunderson     Chippewa Falls WI Virginia MN

1915    Chester Kaldahl    Glenwood MN       Duluth MN

1916    Oliver Kaldahl     Glenwood MN       Glenwood MN

1917    Oliver Kaldahl     Glenwood MN       Saint Paul MN

1918    Oliver Kaldahl     Glenwood MN       Cary IL

1919     championship cancelled, no snow in  Chippewa Falls WI

1920    Carl Mortonson     Chippewa Falls WI Chippewa Falls WI

1921    Joe McQuire        Denver CO         Denver CO

1922     No record of a class C at Chicago   Cary IL

1923    Rolf Mangseth      Coleraine MN      Minneapolis MN

1924    Rolf Mangseth      Coleraine MN      Brattleboro VT

1925    Rolf Mangseth      Coleraine MN      Canton SD

1926    Erling Grinden     Duluth MN         Duluth MN

1927    Hjalmar Halunen    Virginia MN       Denver CO

1928    George Kotlarek    Duluth MN         Red Wing MN

1929    Oliver Morisseau   Brattleboro VT    Brattleboro VT

1930    John Stolt         Minneapolis MN    Canton SD

1931    Harold Battig      Minneapolis MN    Cary IL

1932    Earl Edmunds       Truckee CA        Tahoe CA

1933    Joe Oliver         Minneapolis MN    Salisbury CT

1934    Theron Place       Racine WI         Cary IL

1935    Roy Laramie        Coleraine MN      Canton SD

1936    Paul Bietila       Ishpeming MI      Red Wing MN

1937    Roy Laramie        Coleraine MN      Salt Lake City UT

1938    Crosby Perry-Smith Lake Placid NY    Brattleboro VT

1939    Gene Lewis         Saint Paul MN     Saint Paul MN

1940    Melvin Hoiem       Ishpeming MI      Berlin NH

1941    Ralph Bietila      Ishpeming MI      Seattle WA

1942    Jack Pauly         Minneapolis MN    Duluth MN

1943     --

1944     -- no championships during World War II

1945     --

1946    Werner Schorr      Madison Wi        Steamboat Spr. CO

1947    Wilbert Rasmussen  Ishpeming MI      Ishpeming MI

1948    Billy Olson        Eau Claire WI     Seattle WA

1949    Marvin Crawford    Steamboat Spr. CO Salt Lake City UT

1950    Marvin Crawford    Steamboat Spr. CO Duluth MN

1951    Jim Severson       Madison WI        Brattleboro VT

1952    J. E. Beaulieu     Eau Claire WI     Salisbury CT

1953    Raymond Gauthier   Ishpeming MI      Steamboat Spr. CO

1954    Ted Lahner         Eau Claire WI     Ishpeming MI

1955    Ragnar Ulland      Seattle WA        Leavenworth WA

1956    William Erickson   Iron Mountain MI  Westby Wi

1957    Jon St. Andre      Ishpeming MI      Berlin NH

1958    Gene Kotlarek      Duluth MN         Iron Mountain MI

1959    Lyle Swenson       Westby WI         Leavenworth WA

1960    Robert Wedin       Iron Mountain MI  Iron Mountain MI

1961    Clyde Brodt        Minneapolis MN    Brattleboro VT

1962    Clyde Brodt        Minneapolis MN    Cary IL

1963    Jay Martin         Univ. of Wyoming  Steamboat Spr. CO

1964    Ernie Ganz         Iron Mountain MI  Ishpeming MI

1965    Adrian Watt        Duluth MN         Berlin NH

1966    Adrian Watt        Duluth MN         Iron Mountain MI

1967    Gary Sparpana      Iron Mountain MI  Leavenworth WA

1968    Ken Harkins        Duluth MN         Westby WI

1969    Greg Swor          Duluth MN         Brattleboro VT

1970    Joe Battig         Minneapolis MN    Eau Claire WI

1971    William Polanka    Duluth MN         Durango CO

1972    Dave Tomten        Eau Claire WI     Berlin NH

1973    Scott Clayton      Denver CO         Ishpeming MI

1974    Jim Denney         Duluth MN         Leavenworth WA

1975    Roy Weaver         Green Bay WI      Brattleboro VT

1976    John Broman        Duluth MN         Squaw Valley CA

1977    Jeff Denney        Duluth MN         Laconia NH

1978    John Bassette      Quechee VT        Leavenworth WA

1979    Jon Denney         Duluth MN         Ishpeming MI 

1980    Tim Williams       Ely MN            Eau Claire WI

Old Logo Note -- Starting in 1981, the U.S. Ski Association has sanctioned (in most years) two National Championship Ski Jumping events. These were originally called 70 and 90 meter events, then Normal Hill (NH) and Large Hill (LH), then (K)90 and 120 meter events. Some years these were held at a single site, Steamboat Springs or Lake Placid. In other years, they were separated. Sometimes it was not possible to schedule two events, so only one was held.


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