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I am always searching for good questions for the weekly Ski Jumping Trivia Quiz. Sometime a good question pops up which I could use in the quiz question except for one little problem. I don't know the answer!

Fans of the Internet keep telling us that the new medium is a terrific way to find, transmit, exchange, store and manage information. So lets use it that way!

This department will list questions and invite answers, in the interest of learning the true history of certain events.

We hope that browsers will tell us what they know about the events in question. As we recieve this information, we will edit and post it so that others may add to it, support it, correct it or disagree with it. We will have an ongoing forum.

Don West -- April, 1998

Summer Jumping on Plastic

Modern plastic surfaces have made Ski Jumping into a year 'round sport. But where and when did it start? And what expriments preceded the modern plastic systems?

Here are some items to get you thinking:


Currently, we jump plastic in Lake Placid, Norge (Ilinois), Park City...where else?

Earlier, there was also plastic in Madison (Blackhawk), and Iron Mt...where else?


The plastic used in Great Gorge in the 1970's was like the plastic on the freestyle jumps in Lake Placid.

I have heard of various shaved, ground, or chipped plastics used at Mt. Beacon, Salisbury, Maple Valley. What do you know about these, or others?


About 1960, we jumped in Munising MI on a natural material similar to barn-broom bristles. It was set up a lot like the modern plastic. The guy who created this project eventually moved to Lake Placid and promoted the later generations of plastic. What was his name. And what happened to the Munising surface after the one season (one weekend?) of use?

When I was a kid, I read a short item about skiing on almond shells, I think it was in California. The picture clearly showed a small ski jump. This was not Alpine skiing! In the 1930's and 1940's, competitions were held in the midwest on straw. Who can tell us about any of this?

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