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Berlin Big Hill to be Restored?
Ryan Crawford has sent a link to an article claiming that the State of New Hampshire is planning to rebuild the big hill (about K85) in Berlin NH. It appears that the plans are to make the jump a stop for tourists, not a jump to be used by skiers. Now if only the State would get behind the restoration of the wonderful facility in Laconia.
See the article.

Good News -- 3 Webmasters Found
Our recent frantic assertion that we need new webmasters NOW had brought three volunteers who hope to keep the three segments of this ski jumping site. However, anyone interested in helping should let us know. [ Read more about the job.]

A Tribute from Ski Jumper Chris Jones
Don West has been a fixture in eastern ski jumping for longer than I’ve been alive. In that short time, I’ve rarely seen him frown. I recall very few meets without mention of, or presence of Don. He was a emblem of what ski jumping is supposed to be: fun. Due to his constant enthusiasm and tireless work he has helped improve this sport not just for the junior skiers, but also for those beyond age 18. I imagine that he has a more accurate recollection of me, than I do of him, but I think its safe to say that the memory and soul of Don will far outlive his body.

When I started jumping 20 years ago, Don was an active participant. For the past couple of years now, he’s been forced to continue his support from the sidelines. He should know though, that he is never forgotten. When I graduated from the Junior ranks to the Senior/Open division, Don was there to make sure that I had considered continuing my career. I somehow doubt that this was a personal choice on his part, but more of recognition that I was one of the few to continue flying past the age of 18. But he pushed me all the same. Every winter that he saw me put my suit and skis back on seemed to be a moral victory for him. When I was a ripe 25 year-old, Don started talking to me about skiing as a Master. He talked about the “pre-Masters” class that was being created, and the opportunities to jump both domestically and abroad as a direct result of longevity with the sport.

At 28 now, I’m still technically 2 years away from joining the “Old Boys” class. I was graced with the opportunity to compete for the Earl Murphy, Don West Trophy at Salisbury this past winter. I had a lot of fun competing with Mark Breen for the title (winner of the trophy’s debut in 2008), and in the end I took home the hardware. But what I really relish every year is the idea and anticipation of my first foray into international ski jumping as a US representative in the International Masters Championship. No small part of my ambition here is derived from Don. I hope to follow in Don’s footsteps and continue to jump until I finally feel like an “Old Boy.”

Mark Breen and Chris Jones
Mark Breen and Chris Jones hold Murphy/West
awards in Mark's living room.

[Ed. Note] The Murphy/West Award for Masters and the Sig Evensen Award for Juniors were established by Mark Levasseur who continues to sponsor both awards. Here are the Masters award winners from the beginning:

2014  Chris Jones

2013  Chris Hastings

2012  Mark Breen

2011  Mark Breen

2010  Mark Breen

2009  Jon Farnham

2008  Mark Breen

USST Scuttles Nordic Combined Team
By now you have probably read that USST was planning to reduce funding for Nordic Combined. Now in a long article at Faster Skier, we find that it's worse than that, more like when they killed the jumping team altogether a few years ago. Read the in-depth article.

Taylor Hoffman Takes Over Eastern Reins
The 2014 spring meeting of ESJ&NC (aka, the Eastern Jumping Committee) chose Taylor Hoffman to replace Committee chairman Larry Stone who is trying a second time to retire, from his part time job coaching the little kids on the new 20 meter jump, as well as from the chairmanship. Larry is enthusiastic about Taylor bringing new ideas and new energy to the Committee. The other three titled officers, Ken Barker, Kathleen Doyle and Martina Lussi, will continue in their same positions.

More Old IMC Results Posted
On May 7 we posted the last missing IMC results that we hope to find. These are the 2007 results from Hinterzarten, which were generously provided by Jens Jahn of Dresden, GER.
A few weeks earlier we posted results for 10 early IMC for which the results had not previously been available, and we cleaned up the layout for several other IMC results pages. See more details on the
IMC News Page.


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