Art Tokle has named these twelve ski jumpers,
training for the 1954 FIS World Championships

USST, years ago

The picture was provided by Mark Levasseur who found it in the collection of his father, Gene Levasseur. However, neither Mark nor Gene could name all of the jumpers in spite of the fact that Gene was one of the twelve. Finally Art Tokle, Sr., also in the photo, provided the names listed below (from left to right). Your web editor identifies the hill as the Lake Placid 40 meter jump. No reader got all of the names correct.


Front row

  1. Clarence "Coy" Hill (white collar)
  2. Billy Olson (glasses)
  3. Gene Levasseur (on elbow)
  4. Ray Gauthier (bare hands)
  5. Ralph Bietila (blinking)
  6. Art Devlin (big coat)

Back row

  1. Dick Rahoi (far left)
  2. Bob Leeman (white T-neck)
  3. Bernie Blikstad (no stripes)
  4. Roy Sherwood (V-neck top)
  5. Keith Wegeman (tall, no hat)
  6. Art Tokle (baggy parka)


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