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Age group classification has long been a fact in the world of sport. More rare is Ability Classification, separating athletes of ordinary talent from the very talented few, in order to give the average folks a better chance to win (and perhaps some other reasons). Class B is still on the books in U.S. ski jumping, though in recent years most tournaments do not include this class. For many years, there were classes (C in the East, B2 in Central) for skiers not permitted to compete on big hills (the reason should be obvious). In the Rockies years ago, one reads about a competitions involving "the A hill and the [smaller] B hill", presumably again for the safety of the B jumpers. One way to justify having separate Class A and Class B is to protect the weekend warrier from the full time elite athlete, but when it comes to national championships, it is harder to rationalize the concept of "National Class B Champion". Is this simply the best of the rest? ...the best not very good ski jumper in the U.S.? However we try to explain it, the U.S. actually held a National Class B Championship for 50 years, from 1908 to 1957. During that time, it was considered a great honor to be named a Class A ski jumper, and various criteria were used from time to time and region to region. What follows is a list of the U.S. National Class B champions.

Year  Champion         Club/Residence      Place of Event

1908 H. Trannum         Duluth MN           Duluth MN
1909 Ingolf Sand        Minneapolis MN      Eau Claire WI
1910 Barney Riley       Coleraine MN        Coleraine MN
1911 Barney Riley       Virginia MN         Chippewa Falls WI
1912 Carl Solberg       St. Paul MN         Cary IL
1913 John Jobe          Ironwood MI         Ironwood MI
1914 Sig Bergerson      Virginia MN         Virginia MN
1915 Sig Bergerson      Duluth MN           Duluth MN
1916 Andrew Olson       Iola WI             Glenwood MN
1917 Ludvig Hoiby       Canton SD           St. Paul MN
1918 Sverre Hendricksen Virginia MN         Cary IL
1919   championship cancelled,  no snow in  Chippewa Falls WI
1920 Sverre Hendricksen Superior WI         Chippewa Falls WI
1921 Einar Jensen       Cary IL             Denver CO
1922 Ragnar Omtvedt     Cary IL             Cary IL
1923 Werner Forsberg    Ironwood MI         Minneapolis MN
1924 Tarald Hoidahlen   Cary IL             Brattleboro VT
1925 Halvor Bjorngaard  Red Wing MN         Canton SD
1926 Hans Troye         U. of Wisconsin     Duluth MN
1927 Hans Thorsdalen    Minneapolis MN      Denver CO
1928 Stephen Trogstad   Superior WI         Red Wing MN
1929 Guttorm Paulsen    Cary IL             Brattleboro VT
1930 John Steele        Denver CO           Canton SD
1931 George Gunderson   Racine WI           Cary IL
1932 Hjalmar Hvam       Portland OR         Lake Tahoe CA
1933 Olav Aasen         Norway S.C. NY      Salisbury CT
1934 James Hendricksen  Wisconsin Rapids WI Cary IL
1935 Barney McLean      Hot Sulphur Spr. CO Canton SD
1936 Eugene Wilson      Coleraine MN        Red Wing MN
1937 Walter Johnson     Minneapolis MN      Salt Lake City UT
1938 Ray Lambert        Lebanon O.C.(NH)    Brattleboro VT
1939 Len Soler          St  Paul MN         St. Paul MN
1940 Ellsworth Mitchell Ishpeming MI        Berlin NH
1941 Robert Riley       Coleraine MN        Seattle WA 
1942 Max Rentsch        Minneapolis MN      Duluth MN
1944-- No tournaments held because of war
1946 Wally Fahlstrom    Lake Placid Club    Steamboat Springs CO
1947 Kenneth Oja        Ishpeming MI        Ishpeming MI
1948 Nils Bergstrom     Kiwanis S.C. MI     Seattle WA
1949 Billy Olson        Eau Claire WI       Salt Lake City UT
1950 Dave Freeman       Iron Mountain MI    Duluth MN
1951 Keith Zuehlke      Eau Claire WI       Brattleboro VT
1952 Earl Hill          Detroit MI          Salisbury CT
1953 Richard Rahoi      Iron Mountain MI    Steamboat Springs CO
1954 Raymond Gauthier   Ishpeming MI        Ishpeming MI
1955 Jack Hooper        Iron Mountain MI    Leavenworth WA
1956 Jerry Lewis        Duluth MN           Westby WI
1957 William Erickson   Iron Mountain MI    Berlin NH

Can you find any jumpers who were national champions in all
four classes: Junior Class, Class B, Class A and Masters Class?

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